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Hayward’s Injury Delays Championship Run

Five minutes and fifteen seconds. That was how long it took until Kevin Harlan said the words, "Hayward broke his leg. Hayward has broken...

An Awakening: Escapism in Sports is Dead

How do you find your happy place? Is it an actual space? Or a frame of mind? Do you even have one? As a kid,...

Tom Brady has a message for everyone worrying about the Madden Curse

  Oh ho Tom Brady on the cover of Madden Video Game! The Famous "Madden Curse" but have no fear Tom has a message for you. "No Curse" Jimmy Garoppolo is licking his chops!  

Declining Nightlife Scene – Damn Millennials!!!

The Nightlife Scapegoat: Marketing to Millennials It’s the new hot topic. The “it” generation. The scapegoat behind a declining nightlife scene. We’re talking about Millennials – the largest generation in history, accounting for 92 million...
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