11 Years Ago Today – Iconic Boston Sports Moment


Jay Kenney

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11 Years Ago Today – Iconic Boston Sports Moment

Eighty six long, excruciating years had passed since the Boston Red Sox were World Champions. They Red Sox were coming off another season where they had come up short of fulfilling their ultimate dream. Grandfathers and fans had lived an entire lifetime and not seen a World Series victory.

Everything changed in 2004.

There were too many memorable moments to count in that season. Of course the ultimate 3-0 comeback in the American League Championship Series against the Sox most hated rival was the top moment of the season; especially after losing to the Yankees the year before on a walk off home run in game 7 by Aaron freaking Boone. That series in itself had several different miracles whether it was David Roberts stealing second or David Ortiz delivering godlike performances it was a special time to be a Red Sox fan.

One of my favorite moments in Red Sox history occurred eleven years ago today. The Red Sox were in the middle of the season and fighting toward a playoff push. The Yankees had won the night before due to a run Alex Rodriguez drove in for them in the ninth inning. The Bronx Bombers had also swept the Red Sox in Yankee Stadium a month beforehand. While it was evident that the Sox might not be in the hunt for the AL East crown they had plenty enough talent to fight to the wildcard. It was a pivotal series against their most hated rival.

Alex Rodriguez most certainly wasn’t as widely hated nationally then as he is now. The PED scandals and other controversies hadn’t come to light. However, Rodriguez was a player that Boston wanted to acquire when he became available and the Yankees stole him instead.

The score was 3-0 Yankees in the top of the 3rd inning when Alex Rodriguez stepped in to bat on July 24th 2004. Bronson Arroyo wound up and threw one high and inside the stuck Rodriguez. A few words were exchanged, and things became heated fast.

This fight was one of the cornerstones that built the foundation of the 2004 World Series Championship. Varitek was a team leader and shoving A-Rod in the face with his mitt would become an iconic moment due to the outstanding photography of Getty Images and J. Rogash. It symbolized that the team had enough of hearing about their failure and wouldn’t stand for it anymore. The 04’ Sox were a special group of players and characters that this city will likely never see again. Cowboy up!