Are we 21 and Over? Dustin Y’barra & Mike Mulloy In the SAC


Things got crazy when my buddy Mike Mulloy brought along his buddy Dustin Y’barra to the SAC. You may recognize Dustin from movies 21 and Over, We bought a Zoo, or more recently on CBS’s BattleCreek. It was east coast vs west coast comedians and for once I dont think I got a word in!

Mike Mulloy is one of the funniest people I have met! You should see how he gets himself in trouble on Twitter @fakemikemulloy. You can catch him at the Comedy Studio or even over at Laugh Boston. Dustin will be back on the east coast in June. Make sure to get over to Foxwoods to see him. And of course you can see me every week here at DIRTYWATERNEWS!!