Authentic Italian, Affordable Italian

Authentic Italian, Affordable Italian - Quattro
Authentic Italian, Affordable Italian – Quattro

Two weeks ago, Frank DePasquale, a
North End staple who has been operating venues for 25 years, opened his 11th Boston restaurant: Quattro Ristorante-Grill-Pizzeria. Meaning “four” in Italian, Quattro is the perfect name for this new venue because it is located
on the North End’s four primary corners and is also DePasquale’s fourth restaurant in the North End. Located at 264 Hanover Street
at the former il Panino Express site, Quattro features DePasquale’s “greatest hits,” as the menu features a few of the most popular menu items from each of his other  restaurants.
One waiter and one executive chef were also taken from each other restaurant to staff and jumpstart this new venue.
Since its opening,  DePasquale said the
response has been ‘enormous’. “From the
minute we opened until now, it’s been non
stop. You think you have a break at lunch, but
we just go right through, 11am to 11pm. And
until midnight on the weekends.”
The small, cozy Italian restaurant seats 48
for lunch and dinner. The entire dining area
is marble and stainless décor, with family
style tables, booths and bar seats. The walls
are lined with mirrors and large windows,
which gives the room a larger feel and also
allows guests to look out at the surrounding
streets. The wine rack is located right in the
dining room. What is most notable, however,
is the kitchen, rotisserie and oven behind the
bar. Guests can see their food being prepared
and cooked, and this is just what DePasquale
“The open kitchen idea allows
guests to speak to the chef and
to speak to the bartender about
their food or drink.”
DePasquale believes that Quattro’s food
and price points make it a restaurant of the
future because it has what every age group
is looking for. The restaurant features pizzas,
meats, and pastas, and DePasquale says
its a “new wave of rotisseries and grills.”
Everything is done in-house to keep prices
down. They make their own breads, pastas
and gelato at DePasquale’s other venues in
the area. There is an extensive wine list, with
bottles all under $50. Beer by the glass is also
$3-$4, cheaper than any other restaurant in
the North End.