Shannon Fairweather

With an over-the-top LOVE for Boston, Shannon is a recent graduate of Wakefield Memorial High School now setting off to study Creative Industries at Bentley University. In between school, dance and entrepreneurial adventures, Shannon likes to celebrity-track, plan fun events, attend concerts, travel and hang out with friends … particularly her dog Bella. Shannon took on the challenge of creating Dirty Water Teen as part of her family’s company – Dirty Water Media – with plans to deliver the same entertaining and fun content that Dirty Water TV, Dirty Water Radio, Dirty Water Media, Dirty Water Sports & Dirty Water News have been doing for years. “Boston teens like to have fun,” says Shannon. “And Dirty Water Teen is a cool way to stay on top of the trends, attend the hottest events, and stay on top of the latest trends, styles, music, sports and experiences here in this amazing city!”

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