Despite the tough 2-1 loss to the Rangers Thursday night, the B’s are buzzing again.

Nine games into the Bruce Cassidy era, the Bruins are playing as well as they’ve played in a long time. They put together their longest winning streak of the season at four games, and have gone 7-2 in their last nine. Those are unheard of numbers for this team.

This is the same group that not too long ago every time they took two steps forward they’d take three back. For the better portion of the last three seasons, inconsistency has been the Boston Bruins middle name, but since the departure of Claude Julian, the results could not be any different.

I had been adamant on the fact that Claude was not the problem and this was a personnel issue. I may have been wrong (hand up, that’s on me) in thinking the Black and Gold did not have enough talent to put up goals and win games. But in the short term, it looks like Claude and I were both wrong. The talent is there. Pasta, Brad Marchand, and David Krejci are coming alive. This team does has the offensive ability, it now appears that Julian just wasn’t letting them use it.

As much as I loved Claude and believed he was a great coach, it was time for a change. Many of the leaders on this team only had one coach over their professional career in Julian. Sometimes a new, fresh voice is all that you need to ignite a spark in the locker room and Bruce Cassidy appears to be letting the players have some fun and the result has been more goals and the Bruins are fun to watch again. Five goals here, six goals there, this team is an electric factory these days. These numbers also came on a Western Conference swing, a typically hard-nosed, big-bodied conference, not exactly conducive to high flying offenses. Thirty four goals in nine games, that’s nearly four goals a game, much higher than their pre-Cassidy season average of 2.76 goals a game. And on top of all this scoring, the B’s have regained their spot as the third seed in the Atlantic Division and have cemented their position in this circus of a playoff race.

So as much as it pained me to see my boy Claude get canned, and ultimately take his bags to Montreal, it clearly was a much needed breath of fresh air for the Bruins.

Now, I stand with Don Sweeney.