Christine Giordano RIP a good bartender and great friend


Christine Giordano RIP a good bartender and great friend

Christine’s Services Friday May 22nd 4-8pm at Immaculate Conception Church, 600 Pleasant St. Malden, Ma. (Funeral Sat. May 23rd, 10am – same place)


Christine worked for me at The Place. She was a great employee and friend who was loved by her co-workers. She covered for everyone and was there personally when anyone needed her. Her attitude was always upbeat and she greeted everyone with one of those big Christine smiles. She will be missed by all who knew her and will forever be remembered by all of us who knew her from  The Place…

God Bless!

Two beautiful leaders of the pack at The Place!

I remember this post on Facebook she made, i thought it was fantastic and resonated with the nightlife industry – here it is.

20 Random Things Your Bartender Doesn’t Love

Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 20 random things to add to this list. If you can’t think of 20, I’m pretty sure you can think of something that isn’t here. In fact I KNOW you can! At the end, choose 20 other bartenders to be tagged. You have to tag the bartender who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I know there are random things I just forgot to bitch about!

1. People who pluralize the word “Captain” when ordering a Captain and Coke. The next time we hear you say “Captains n Coke” we are charging you for TWO drinks! There is only ONE captain, otherwise it would be called “Co-captain Morgans”

2. Large humans who order things with “diet” – we want to say, “you’re big, the alcohol isn’t making you any smaller, why are you getting it with diet, just go all in”

3. People who purchase multiple drinks at various times but run their card for every single drink. Hey, we have news for you. Your card was pre-authorized for $50 each of the ten times you closed out for that $5 beer. Ha!

4. People who ask for more drinks when there is no music playing and the lights are on. Is this your first time ever in a bar? Get out.

5. The people in the item above who then say, “but I was waiting for a drink before the lights went on” – we don’t care, you and fifty other people. Let us repeat….get out.

6. Men who order woo woos, White Russians, Grape Crush shots, or drink wine. We automatically peg you as a homo, even if you’re not. Order a man drink.

7. People who say, “yah, I have a tab” and then silence. If you didn’t get the memo numbnuts, we don’t memorize everyone’s last name so don’t make us have to ask you every single time.

8. People who order liquid cocaine. Enough said.

9. People who wave their hands, snap their fingers, stand on their heads and other like behavior to get our attention and who DON’T KNOW WHAT THEY WANT when we get there. Know what? You just bought yourself a ticket to the end of the line again. You can wave til your hand falls off. We don’t care.

10. Anyone under the age of 65 that orders a Tom Collins shouldn’t be allowed to drink.

11. 21st Birthday Party groups. Can I have 15 shots of something I never heard of that is going to make us all throw up? No!

12. People who order the same drink from two different bartenders and then look like a deer caught in the headlights when we both bring their drink and say, “Did you just order from both of us???” They act as though they had NO IDEA that we would both actually make the same f’ing drink.

13. People who look intently at our taps and proceed to order multiple things that aren’t on tap one after another after another. Don’t make us poke your eyes out if you’re just pretending to use them!

14. People who ask for another drink because they spilled their own drink. People who ask us to “top” their drink off. People who state their case as to how they can hardly taste any alcohol in their drink. Give it up, you aren’t getting another drop unless you pay for it.

15. People who ask, “do you have any specials?” Followed by, “what’s the cheapest beer/shot/drink I can get?” No we don’t have “specials” unless you mean the people around you. If you want cheap, go buy a 40 and head back to your dorm.

16. People who ask random, irrelevant and time consuming questions about specific alcoholic beverages and then order something completely different. Thank you for wasting our time, we can never get that time back….

17. The hand-over-the-mouth orderer. People, please do not do this. We read lips you know. When we then ask you to REPEAT your order because your f’ing hand was in the way it does NOT mean you should place your hand even closer to your mouth to repeat your order! We want to slap your hand away and then slap you…..just because.

18. People who touch the fruit. Where did you grow up? Get your filthy, rotten, disgusting hands off of our limes and lemons. We are pretty sure you didn’t wash your hands before exiting the restroom!

19. People who leave their tips laying on top of the fruit. Again – dirty! Why would you ever do this?

20. Customers who think service with a smile translates into bartenders wanting their phone numbers at the end of the night. We don’t. We were being nice because we have to.

How on earth did I forget this one:

21. The folded up money trick. Hey buddy, we know you’re not gonna tip us, no need to make our lives harder by having to unfold or unravel crinkled up money. We are going to now count it in front of you to say two things to you without actually saying them: (1) we think you’re a cheap bastard and we are on to you and (2) we think you’re shady and that’s why we need to count the folded up bills right in front of your cheap bastard face.

In her own words #classicchristinegiordano she was the best…  I think it shows her true spirit.