Our favorite red-headed singer just stepped out at the BRITs with a ring suspiciously chilling on that finger…you know, the one that shows he’s officially off the market.

About a month ago, Ed announced that he and childhood friend, Cherry Seaborn, had gotten engaged just before the new year, but now people are wondering if they’re already married and just didn’t tell anyone. After being spotted wearing the seemingly plain, silver ring at one of his concerts, Ed then continued to spark more marriage rumors today while walking the red carpet at the BRITs, but apparently, they are just that– rumors.

According to The Sun, a “source” close to the singer claims that Ed is actually just wearing the ring as a sign to show his commitment to Cherry and their current engagement. In other words, he’s not married yet, he’s just playing the part of the ideal fiance perfectly.

He and Cherry have been dating since 2015 and met each other back when they were both in school. Ed revealed that his song ‘Perfect’ was actually inspired by Cherry, which if we weren’t slightly jealous of their love before, then we definitely were after that bit of knowledge dropped in our laps.

Unfortunately, we don’t know anything for sure yet, but we’re happy for the couple and their engagement, whether the wedding already happened on the DL or not.

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