Drew Bledsoe is Selling Wine to Aid California Fire Victims

I have known Drew Bledsoe a long time. I remember him as a rookie when is was a manager at Daisy Buchanans. He would take out with his whole offensive line and anyone else that wanted to attend every Monday night. I’ve met his parents so i have a very good idea of how generous the man is and how he was raised. Thats why what your about to read is not very surprising to me.

By Daniel Rapaport

October 13, 2017

Former Patriots quarterback Drew Bledsoe is doing his part to aid victims of the California fires that have ravaged the state’s wine country by selling bottles of wine from his winery and donating the proceeds to the Napa Valley Community Foundation and its Disaster Relief Fund.

Bledsoe’s winery, Doubleback Winery, is located in Walla Walla, Wash., which is of course outside of California’s Napa Valley. But Bledsoe said in an Instagram post that he’s had the opportunity to make relationships with many people within the wine industry, plenty of whom live in Napa and Sonoma, Ca.

“Over the years, we have made tremendous personal and professional relationships, garnered mentors, memories, friends, and acquired a remarkable amount of respect for the Napa and Sonoma areas and its historic wine industry. It is too difficult for us to sit idly by and not help in the recover.

“Therefore, now through this Saturday, we will break into our cellar and have a special library release. We will donate 100% of all profits to the Napa Valley Community Foundation and its Disaster Relief Fund.”

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