Fantasy Football with 11 Fiesty Females


FFphotoWe all know the end of summer is a sad time in Boston, and really anywhere. But the silver lining always seems to be the bright lights of Gillette Stadium and the vision of New England’s finest athletes hitting the field in spandex pants and tossing around the ol’ pigskin–most likely all the way to the ‘bowl.

This year, I decided to rev up my Sunday/Monday football viewing nights by getting involved in an ALL LADIES Fantasy Football League. Ok, ok. I know. Guys reading right now are guaranteed to be laughing at their computer/iPhone screens–but hey, don’t come crying to me when my team scores more baskets than you…wait. Is that right? Ah, touchdowns. I meant touchdowns.

Since men are predominantly more knowledgeable in the sports world (Ladies, don’t take offense. It’s true. VERY true.) apparently all my other “That’s What She Said” league mates had the same bright idea as I did. Recruit some cutie to help you prep and eventually just do your draft for you.

The babes and I were set to meet at commissioner Charlene Colameta’s posh Comm Ave. condo when strangely no one could make it anymore and decided to complete the draft remotely. Fishy kind of right? Well I didn’t care. I had my professional Fantasy Football drafter in place and was rip, roaring, and ready to stack team HernanDress with the best QB, RB, and whatever other two lettered positions there are in the hella confusing game. GAME. ON.

By 8:30pm I had Matt Ryan as a starting QB, Lesean McCoy and Matt Forte for solid running backs, and Vincent Jackson as my wide receiver and I was feeling GOOD! My opponents, including teams “Brady Gaga”, “BelichekYoSelf B4U RexYoSelf”, and “Touchdown My Pants”, didn’t seem to stand a chance.

Not to my surprise photo evidence of similar behavior and drafting techniques were leaked via good ol’ Facebook and all I could do was laugh. Touche ladies, touche. My super competitive nature has already started to rear its ugly head so here’s your warning ladies, no more Miss Nice Morgan. To follow my stats of team HernanDress check back every Tuesday–it’s no doubt I’ll be taking home the title of Fantasy Football 2013 CHAMPION–and all your monies, bitches.

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