Floyd Mayweather TKO’s Connor McGregor in the 10th – However a very entertaining fight.


Floyd Mayweather promised he would win, he did. He promised he would take the fight to Connor McGregor and he did. He said the fight would not go the distance and it didn’t. So everything went as planned by team Mayweather. I’ve seen almost every Mayweather fight and I’ve never seen him be this aggressive as a matter of fact not even close! Which lends to the fact that Floyd seemed to have supreme confidence and for good reason, he knew exactly what he needed to do and executed his plan.

This was by far Mayweathers most entertaining fight. No one can be disappointed,Floyd changed his style to give the fans the most entertaining fight of his 50 – 0 record.

Thank you Floyd Mayweather – What a way to go out…

Connor McGregor was humble, grateful and professional in his loss. Connor ran out of gas Period!!! The percieved early stopping of the fight was needed as the fight was over and no one wanted to see McGregor get unnecessarily hurt. Both boxing and UFC win here as Conner did not get embarrassed and boxing gets a jolt that the sport desperately needs. One thing for sure i believe we are going to see more of these gimmick fights in the future given the amount of hype, money and eyeballs on last night.

I  LOVE IT – And definitely want to see more…