Follow the Light into Tunnel at the W, You’ll Be Glad You Did!


tunnel1Usually when you see a bright light at the end of long, seemingly endless tunnel, the advice is mainly to turn around and go back the way you came. Well I’m breaking all the rules and telling, rather, demanding you, to follow the bright, colorful, flashing lights that line the ceiling of the W Hotel’s newest nightlife addition all the way into the best night of your life. Yes. Your entire life.

Tunnel Boston has consumed the space of which was formerly Descent and when I tell you they gave this place a major facelift–it’d be a bit of an understatement. This chic, unique space boasts 3,600 LED lights that go to the beat of the bass. With DJ’s like Nixx, Case, Dolo, Project Mix, Estrela, Hizzy, and Reggie B on the turntables weekly–not only will the sounds get you movin’ but the lightshow overhead is sure to mesmerize any level of party-goer.

Not much into dancing? Well, get out. Ok. Kidding. There’s hope for you yet. Towards the end of the Tunnel lives plenty of plush, luxe tables awaiting your lazy bum’s arrival. Crimson backlighting sets the mood for shit to get weird. Really weird. Order yourself a bottle of bubbles from $155-$2000, depending on how fancy you are of course–or who else is paying. (cough it up Sugar Daddies)

Tunnel - Cal Bingham-3

I must admit, one of their biggest draws is the fact that they have managed to resurrect the remains of what was once Tuesday nightlife in Boston. With big wig Ace Gershfield of 6one7 Productions manning the night–how could it not succeed?

Open Tues, Thurs-Sat 9:30-2:00am at 100 Stuart Street allows you plenty of opportunities to go check out Boston’s newest subterrainian danceteria. Now c’mon people, whatcha waiting for? Follow the lights to Tunnel! And continue to Chase me Around Town! xo MC




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