Full Metal Mayhem: Mr. Golden’s Night on the Darkside with Sorrowseed


Full Metal Mayhem: Mr. Golden’s Night on the Darkside with Sorrowseed


Yupp, you already know: your boy Mr. Golden uses a lot of bizarre jargon on social media to describe the scene of the moment at a given party: Let’s see… there’s “ZOO”…”POPPIN”…”CRAAAZZZZYYYYY”… “a fabulous PROBLEM”…”HANNNNN”… and Lilith Astaroth’s favorite one: “GESSSHHHH” (which means “raw energy; ready for anything”…I think so, anyway).

None of them properly describe what I heard & witnessed a few nights ago within the intimate confines of Revere’s Sammy’s Patio, though. Nah, B…when Boston’s metal gods Sorrowseed invaded the mini-sized stage on this fateful night, there was but one word that I felt best described the scene before my eyes & crushing my ears.


Make no mistake: This, family, is a compliment. Sorrowseed were born to melt skulls. It’s a melodic, extreme metal assault of the senses that forever embeds their sound and their image within your mind. You will never forget their name. You will forever remember their incredible, brain-bashing sound. You will wake up at 3AM from dreams of owning the mosh pit.

Sorrowseed performed at Sammy’s Patio this past Saturday night. Some have lived to tell the story.

I know. I am among them.


Consisting of Lilith Astaroth (vocals), Morte McAdaver (guitars/bass/keyboards/live vocals), Prometheus B. Subrick (drums/percussion/live vocals), and touring bass player Brent Gruno, Sorrowseed came together in 2009 (the same year I started my own career). Within two years, a double-slab debut joint titled The Extinction Prophecies dropped, and soon their path of destruction was in full effect. Along the way, their sophmore effort Nemesis Engine was issued one Halloween night, and their reign of darkness continued, as Sorrowseed performed on some of the grandest stages of the Boston nightlife scene on the Unhallowed Reaping tour and the Damsels of Darkness tour.


Last weekend, I had the opportunity to chop it up with Lilith on the Boston VIPs Show. While not my first time interviewing Lilith (she’s been a frequent radio guest of mine as well, dating back to the spring of 2013), this particular chat was by far the most compelling: Lilith – in addition to her work as an actress, model, activist and Pro Dominatrix – has legit passion for her work with Sorrowseed, a true belief in her music and the importance of being a stage presence. I am proud to call Lilith a close friend in this community (and trust it you guys, there are very few here I label “friend”), and someone who has that Golden stamp of excellence. After our show last weekend, I was fired up to come through into a world that I rarely cross into:

The metal show.


Joined on the bill by Untombed, Begat The Nephilim, Nocuous, and Garroted, Sorrowseed headlined an evening of hardcore metal that packed Sammy’s Patio to the walls with devoted followers, and even a few old friends Mr. Golden had not seen in more than  a minute (Dave Estee, Eve, Payge, Liz Black, Raine, I see ya!). This was definitely a different kind of kickoff to a usual Saturday night of mine; I still had an appearance to make at the Big Shug release party at Good Life later in the night, and then a stop at the legendary RISE Club’s farewell party (big S/o to DJ Danny Tenaglia for an amazing set that lasted until 11:30 AM Sunday…yessir, you read that correctly). This was a hell of a jumpoff to the night ahead. If any battle scars were acquired on the floors of Sammy’s Patio, I would thank the band and later proudly show them off.


Just after 11:15PM on Saturday night, after what had already been an intense evening of thunderous drums, searing guitars and blood-curdling, growling vocals, the reigning overlords of Boston metal took to the stage, kicking into “Arcana (of the Lich Queen)”. As the front woman, lead vocalist and onstage spokesperson, Lilith was like an energetic, raging inferno, banging her head wildly with a mane of fire-engine-red locks masking her painted visage. Her vocal performance was haunting, untamed, awesomely brutal…almost beautiful in its passionate execution. Morte, B. Subrick and Brent towered behind her, providing the crushing musical accompaniment that sent the audience into wild frenzy.

I have only been to a handful of metal shows in my lifetime; I can say with honesty, this is the one I will judge all future experiences by. Yes, yes, I know Slayer was in town this week for the Converse Rubber Tracks concert series. As iconic as they are on the metal front, I would wager that even Slayer would have had a hard time keeping up blow for blow with the unforgiving assault Sorrowseed unleashed. As they tore through familiar favorites like “Scourge of the Hierophant” and deep cuts such as “Circle of False Gods”, Sorrowseed proved once and for all why they are the reigning kings & queens of extreme metal in the Boston music community. It was a gorgeous, unholy symphony of carnage…yupp, there’s that word again. CARNAGE. It’s the best word I can use to sum up the experience. Again, this is totally a compliment and a sign of my respect for what Lilith & the boys produced onstage. The sound…the intimidating stage presence…and yes, the moshing. For those wondering: nah, I did not jump in. Smartphone & Sterling Shades protection tho.

Big salute to Sorrowseed for a super rad journey into the underbelly of metal. It looks like, when all was said & done, I became kind of an “unofficial band member”, according to their social media.


Hey, Dr. Sarah Russo…how about getting In the SAC with this squad?