The Future of Football? Read the Book


Here’s a book “hook” — something to remedy those post-Super Bowl, end-of-football season blues.
For die-hard fans who’d love just one more game, there’s good news — it’s the Ultra Bowl.
Haven’t heard of it? That’s because it hasn’t happened yet. But you can read about it in the new sci-fi novel, ULTRA BOWL by I. J. Weinstock.


In the not-so-distant future, the world’s balance-of-power will be decided in a football game played by robots. The Ultra Bowl is the arena where nations compete for technological supremacy and market share.
Flying home from the Super Bowl (in present day), the New York Knights football team is “time-napped” and transported 100 years into that future where they become expendable pawns in a brilliant technocrat’s plot to rule the world.
Dazed and disoriented, the Knights — led by quarterback Duke Kingman and Coach John Merlin — discover they’ve been “drafted” to play for the United States in the Ultra Bowl. Initially, they’re unaware that they’ll be playing against state-of-the-art robots, but eventually they uncover the truth (it may be more like a mass execution than a football game…).
Despite the insurmountable odds, the Knights embark on this suicide mission — playing for the heart of a beautiful woman, the soul of a young boy and the humanity of an entire world. In this epic struggle between man and machine, an NFL team valiantly attempts to rescue the future from the tyranny of technology.

ULTRA BOWL is not just a sci-fi adventure fable about football, robots and time-travel, it’s also a cautionary tale about the dangers of our Digital Age and the dystopian future toward which we may be heading.