Greatest Athletic Achievement Ever: Micheal Jordan Move Over…


Climber Reaches Top of El Capitan Without Ropes – Yes with no equipment – WT $@&!

The modest and goofy, Alex Honnold, aruguably the best solo free climber in the world right now, Half Dome in the background

Move over Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Labron James, Ted Williams, Bill Russel or what ever name you want to stick in there!

Alex Honnold is the MAN!!! ( @alexhonnold on Instagram )

For eight years, American Alex Honnold dreamed about climbing El Capitan in Yosemite National Park without any safety equipment. But whenever Honnold went to the park and looked up at El Capitan, he became frightened.

That changed last Saturday. Honnold, a world-class rock climber, reached the top of the great rock wall in about four hours. He used only his hands and feet.

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higslogoJohn Higgins from Higs Tickets says he would like a shot at it – Lol