The Intern- Cole Sherratt


The Intern- Cole Sherratt

This past week, I got into The Wild Rover Pub, in Manchester New Hampshire, thanks to my awesome Dirty Water News privileges. The bar was very cozy and had a cool laid back vibe; It reminded me of an old tavern. It was open mic night at the bar and the musicians were rocking out. A good friend of mine Cole Sherratt is new to the New Hampshire area and was referred to this bar to perform a few songs. There was a guy on the bongos, and another guy on an acoustic guitar. Cole is used to accapella groups and solo acts as of lately so he had to quickly adjust to playing with the other musicians. Cole Sherratt, a husband and father of 3, has worked in the music entertainment industry for 20 years. He has performed and produced shows in 42 states and 6 international countries while working to achieve his lifelong dream; becoming successful song writer. He currently performs with a Boston based Acapella group called Ball in the House. Cole is very grateful to be where he is at as an entertainer but is determined to make a name as a songwriter. Please support him in his quest by watching and sharing his songwriter page for the guitar centers annual songwriting competition.

This Internship Dirty Water News has given me has been life changing. I get to cover  so many cool events in Boston and I have met a lot of cool people along the way. I know there are many more places to see and people to meet and I can’t wait. I have learned a ton about production and the nightlife industry and pretty soon I will be ready to have an Intern working with me. If any young students are interested in an internship with Dirty Water News then please contact me or SJ Torres for more information.