Local Celebrity: Miss Cambridge

Miss Cambridge 2013, Carrie Sunde
Miss Cambridge 2013, Carrie Sunde

by: Angela Christoforos

Each year, million of viewers tune in to watch the nationally televised Miss America pageant. The long-standing competition ranks girls representing each of the 50 states in interview, on-stage question, swim suit, talent, and evening gown. But what many fans don’t realize (unless you are a pageant enthusiast like myself) is the process the contestants on the Miss America stage go through in order to get there. To win a state title, the pageant queen must first win a local preliminary pageant in order to be eligible to compete. In Massachusetts, there are several preliminary pageants from Miss Boston, to Miss Bay State, to Miss Fall River. This year, there’s a brand new preliminary title being sponsored by the Miss Boston Scholarship Organization (part of the Miss America Organization) and it is none other than Miss Cambridge. I caught up with the new Miss Cambridge pageant titleholder and Miss Massachusetts hopeful herself!


First and foremost, you are MISS CAMBRIDGE! How does it feel?

I am so happy and honored to be representing the Cambridge community over the next year. There have been previous ladies who were awarded the title of Miss Cambridge, but now the title is newly sponsored by the Miss Boston Scholarship Organization. I am proud to wear the crown and sash, and bring the title of Miss Cambridge back into the public eye. I am super excited to represent Cambridge at the Miss Massachusetts pageant in June!

Describe pageant day.

I compare pageants to athletic sports, especially triathlons. A contestant must heavily train and prepare before the event, just like an athlete. Once a contest is at her prime, she enters into “the competition.” Like an athlete, she must pace herself and enter into many phases of competition: private interview, on-stage question, swimsuit, talent and evening gown. The final push of the triathlon is the most important. I consider evening gown to be the last leg of the race. You must really prove to the judges why you should be the winner. In any competition, there can only be one winner. In pageants there can only be one winner (The Miss Boston Organization sponsored two titles-Miss Boston and Miss Cambridge). So, I would say a pageant is very much like a triathlon. It’s a very difficult sport. However, in both cases the benefits are so worth it!

What was the most challenging part about preparing for the Miss Boston/Cambridge Pageant?

The most challenging part for me was making sure I was swimsuit ready. In everyday life, I really focus on my health in fitness. However, for the pageant I wanted to bring my body physically to the next level! I wanted to make sure I really had the most tone and fit body. There was a lot of restricting carbs in the last few weeks before the pageant, so that was a challenge. However, it all paid off when I got on stage during the swimsuit competition and felt my absolute best!!!

Have you competed in pageants before?

Yes, I have been competing in the Miss America system for about a year. I competed in 4 locals before winning this pageant. I also had held previous titles in other systems.

-New York Miss Princess America 2012

-Teen Petite World 2012

-Teen Petite America 2011

-Teen MA Petite America 2011

What is your platform, and what do you hope to accomplish with your new title?

My platform is Lend A Helping Hand: Promoting Volunteerism in the community. As Miss Cambridge, you will see me as a prominent face in the community. I will be promoting volunteerism, and then dedicating my time to volunteering at different non-profits and organizations in the Greater Boston area. I believe the best way to promote volunteerism is through sharing my personal stories with the public, highlight how I’ve found it so beneficial to volunteer. Volunteering not only helps others, but it helps yourself gain knowledge and life skills which you can utilize it the future.

Miss Massachusetts will be here before you know it! Have you started preparing for the state pageant?

Of course I’ve started preparing! There’s never a dull moment in my life. I like to say, being Miss Cambridge is always a full-time job. There’s always paperwork, pageant coaching, appearances and events to attend!!! You have to be on your A game at all times.  Plus, I hit the gym about 5 times a week, so I always have to factor in time for that as well.

My job is to represent the Cambridge community to the best of my abilities, so that means preparing to do my best at the Miss MA pageant started when the crown was placed on my head!

What’s the best piece of advice you have to offer aspiring pageant queens?

Be yourself, and always learn from your experiences. If you don’t win a pageant the first time, think about your performance and pick one or two aspects of competition you think you could improve on. There’s always room for improvement. Even as a titleholder, I constantly look for aspects of competition I could improve on. The journey to the crown is as important as the win! And of course, when you win…you know hard work has paid off!

What makes you the most proud in being able to represent Cambridge?

Cambridge is such a historic city with so many popular tourist destinations. People all of the country and even the world know Cambridge. It’s the location for two Ivy League schools, Harvard and MIT. The Charles River boarders Cambridge, and it’s so pretty during the summer months. There are also so many arts and cultural events that take place in Cambridge. Cambridge always has something fun and exciting going on. It’s such a dynamic and unique city. I am so proud and honored to represent Cambridge.