Moduloktopus (ie, Wigbert "Wiggz" Caro)
Moduloktopus (ie, Wigbert “Wiggz” Caro)

“I’ll start with at least three layers of clothing, and by the end of it, I’ll be dripping in sweat, half-naked, screaming at people and having a good time,” chuckles Wigbert “Wiggz” Caro, otherwise known as Moduloktopus, referring to his live, multi-genre bass shows. Wigbert sits near the window of a coffee shop, drink untouched, face covered by a colorful purple hoodie on a rainy Friday night. Ironically, this Dominican native has traded in the warmth of the Caribbean sun for the sporadic, cool weather of the Northeast, but he nonetheless brought the heat with him. He gives me a colossal hug as I step in the doors of In House Café in Allston. Before I even begin to take my raincoat off, I can sense his excitement, his energy radiating. Wiggz is no newcomer to either the electronic music scene or publicity. He’s been featured on countless online music blogs, ranging from Marshmallow Gun, Urban Vault (UK) to and Pigeons & Planes. Like his music, Wiggz’s natural persona is captivating, as he approaches both with a philosophical yet rational perspective, while maintaining market-savvy notions about the industry.

Moduloktopus is, quite literally, an “electronic music chameleon” who infuses imagination and technology to create sound, and therefore human interaction with the music. Wiggz blends various electronic genres together with diverse emotions, reflecting his name as an artist: “Octopi, in general, are journey-like creatures. They can fit through any nook and cranny and they can also change colors.” The world is his oyster, as his inspirations may come from anything, such as the musical relationship he has with the universe, the people around him, or even simply a good idea. His search for perfection is endless, almost “utopic,” as he describes it, but extremely satisfying: “The whole journey of getting there makes you such an amazing person that you blow your own expectations doing that, as well.” In addition, his commitment to his fans and audience is binding, as he always has them in mind in almost every decision of both the production and execution process. He wants total input in order to increase fan participation, from playing sessions, to choosing remixes, to just plain telling Wiggz whether they like his music or not. Wiggz is very grateful of his fans, who are an extension of himself: “I think keeping an open mind is the best thing. We’re in a generation where just being able to share your creative process is something really special in itself. For me, being successful is to wake up and have inspirational people around me. Those inspirational people are fans and the audience. It feels good, it’s part of you.”

The prime supporters of Wigbert’s musical career are his family, all of whom encouraged him from a young age. His passion for music started since childhood, almost involuntarily, as he was always restless and wiggling around even while he was learning to walk. In fifth grade, he began to sing and entered a talent show, which urged him to really think profoundly about music and how it allowed him not only to be creative and unique, but bring true meaning to his life. His influences include both mainstream and local multi-facetic artists, such as Amon Tobin, J Dilla, Flying Lotus, M.O.D., Lil’ Texas, Young Satan, Noms, Dice Motion, etc. Wiggz also cites social media forums like Twitter, SoundCloud, and Tumblr as vital components of his work that connect like-minded individuals, and blogs as the best way to expand his audience: “The whole shebang’s a huge feedback loop.” Recently, Moduloktopus has refined its marketing strategy to release only one monthly EP, as opposed to releasing free material on a regular basis, so as to enhance both the quality and quantity. His experimental tactics have attracted an array of different followers, from dubstep to EDM crowds, bass to hip-hop fans, etc. For instance, Wigbert will combine Latin music with EDM, or remix 90’s Top 40 hits into something modern, in order to observe his fans’ reactions: “I’ll throw things that are probably way too experimental at times, just to test the waters, just to tell people that ‘I can do this. How will you all react?’” Wigbert Caro creates his own social-experiments in order to perfect his craft.

Moduloktopus’ live shows are self-proclaimed “celebrations.” Wiggz continues with this assertion, saying, “To me, that’s what live shows are. I believe in what I do, showing the people that the water’s warm, let’s step in and chill out!” Wigbert has numerous upcoming shows and personal projects. On April 24th, he will play Wobble Wednesday at Wonder Bar and, on May 2nd, he will play the Sub Tropix night at Milky Way Café in Jamaica Plain. He will collaborate as a music designer with singer-songwriter Roxiny. In terms of personal projects, he’s producing vocalists, such as Jonathon Hoard, R&B/soul singer, and recording new material called Blumtopus & Dentopus. Listen to Moduloktopus’ music at Visit Moduloktopus’ Facebook page at