Quality over Quantity



When people shop they tend to always want quantity over quality, please tell me why that is? They’re like “Why would you shop at the Gap and spend more money, when you could just go to Old Navy for the same thing??!!” Mmm NO people, the clothes you’re buying at Old Navy are going to last you a month, while my “wicked ridiculously overpriced” clothes from the Gap or Banana last me a few months – if not a lifetime. You’re paying the extra money so the piece that you really like lasts longer, DUH!! So next time you want to be a ‘cheapo’ just think to yourself – this piece isn’t going to last me very long. As they say, sorry not sorry! Spend the extra stinkin’ 20-30 dollars on that comfy white thermal you love and need in the winter, so next winter you don’t have to go and buy that white thermal again because you had to throw out your old one from last year that got stretched out or ripped. I really hope everyone listens to me on this one, it could change the world – maybe even end the sick disease of people being ‘cheapo’s’!? “Cheapness is a disease, get well soon!”