Finally, we’re seeing some “unchecked aggression” by Boston’s president of baseball operations.

After finishing in last place in 2014 and well on their way to another tailspin down the crapper, the Red Sox acquired Dave Dombrowski from Detroit last August largely due to his tenacious reputation in getting deals done—often at the price of prospects.

In Detroit, Dombrowski had pulled the string to acquire superstars like Miguel Cabrera, Max Scherzer and current Sox ace David Price. Dombrowski was renown for his savvy trades and team building, and the Red Sox were in desperate need of top-down shake up.

In the offseason, Dombrowski signed Price and closer Craig Kimbrel, but as the first half of the 2016 season wound down, the team’s pitching needs became a proverbial elephant in the room and fans waited for Dombrowski to address it, knowing it would be vital if the team was going compete for a postseason spot.

The dude abides.

Not about to wait around for the trading deadline, Dombrowski brought in the utility infielder Aaron Hill for The Brewers then Arizona’s side-armed closer Brad Ziegler to cover a hole in the bullpen. Strangely, the next day Kimbrel went on the DL for 3-6 weeks after blowing out a knee shagging balls, which is either serendipity or a longer untold story.

But The Big Dombrowski wasn’t finished.

There are some fundamental truths in life that go without question: Never mix alcohol; your wife is right; and if Clay Buchholz is in your starting rotation, you’re screwed. Dombrowski knew this, and instead of waiting around with his thumb up his butt, he did something about it, showing his patented aggression.

On Thursday, the Red Sox announced that San Diego’s All-Star left-hander and former first-round pick Drew Pomeranz would by shipping out to Boston in exchange for top-pitching prospect Anderson Espinoza. Granted, it’s a gamble dealing the organization’s top-pitching prospect, a Venezuelan who touches 100 mph on the radar gun, but it had to be done.

The Red Sox are still in need of fifth starter down the stretch, but in a recent interview with The Boston Globe’s Alex Speier, Dombrowski seems to be counting on Eduardo Rodriguez to fill the role.

“If people would be looking to say we’re going to be getting someone more talented than Eduardo Rodriguez, it’s not going to happen. They’re just not out there. They’re not out there and available. Sometimes you’ve got to fix some things internally. We’ll see what happens,” Dombrowski said.

Still, given his penchant for the trade, one wonders if The Big Dombrowski is finished finding a rug that will tie the room together.