Whether the Patriots are playing in an AFC Championship game, the Celtics are hosting an Eastern Conference playoff series or the Red Socks are playing for the pennant, Boston is heralded by great athletic events. But the greatest event of them all is not played by any of Boston’s great teams, it is ran by over 20,000 people who come from around the world.

Boston is THE location. Since it started in 1897, the Boston Marathon has been the mecca of long distance road running. It is the world’s oldest annual marathon as well. In basketball, players dream of playing in Madison Square Garden or the Staples Center. All marathon runners around the world dream of running the Boston Marathon.  Why?

  1. The course. Ever heard of heartbreak hill? The hill is situated between miles 20 and 21 and is the point where many runners have to face their inner selves and determine how mentally tough they are. There may be other marathons in the world that have better scenery but Boston’s tough course is cut out for real runners.
  2. Have you ever been denied entry to a club? Maybe you weren’t dressed as nice or there were people behind you that were more attractive? Well, the Boston Marathon is exclusive as well. This isn’t your neighborhood 5K. You can’t pay an entry fee then show up. You must qualify in advance running in approved marathons. So congratulations, you must run 26.2 miles in order to run 26.2 miles.
  3. Who is going to cheer you on? Over 500,000 people! There are barely any stadiums in the world that have a capacity for a fifth of that number. If you gave up on your dream of ever competing in front of a sold-out crowd, the Boston Marathon will give you the opportunity to compete in front of half a million people. Just think, you have roughly 3 hours or 26.2 miles of people cheering you on.

Photo: Boston Herald