The Greatest Bar Bruins Mural Vandalized by Toronto Fan’s, Lyndon Byers reports for DWTV…


Toronto Maplel Leaf fans tore down a mural of the Boston Bruins winning the LEGENDARY Game 7?  What?!??  Yes, it’s true.  Former Boston Bruins bad boy Lyndon Byers shares his unique viewpoint on the story.  Here’s what went down, this past weekend some hooligan Maple Leaf hockey fans from Toronto were in town for a bachelor party and made a stop at The Greatest Bar.  They decided to destroy a mural commemorating the Bruins’ miraculous May 13, 2013 victory over the Maple Leafs in the playoff game that ultimately sent the B’s to the Stanley Cup finals. And just like the Stanley Cup action, the bar caught the entire penalty box behavior on tape.  So, they reached out to their good friend Lyndon Byers – LB – to report on the story and tell everyone how he would have handled the donkeys.  Roll tape!

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