The Light Between






Artist Anne Patterson’s latest work will debut in Boston in March 2015.  The Light Between is to be installed in the atrium at 125 High Street in Boston, a property of Tishman-Speyer. Free and open to the public, the installation will officially debut on Wednesday, March 4th.

The Light Between will be constructed out of hundreds of 110’ colored aluminum strands, each color representing a different celestial element. This piece seeks to heighten the natural light in the man-made, 8-story atrium of 125 High Street.

“The abundant light pouring through the windows of 125 High Street moved me to harness and enhance it,” says Patterson. “I wanted to make this light tangible, bringing its joy and energy down to the ground level of the building.”

In observing its simple beauty in a man-made place of business, The Light Between invites the busy individual to pause, take a breath, and in that moment, connect with the beauty around them.  The red ribbons at the center of the work represent the warm sun, the blue and turquoise ribbons the sky, and the silver ribbons about at the edges are the stars. Reflected light on the ribbons invite the viewer to look up and take in the color and life above them, or in the case of the upper floors, across from them.

The piece was inspired by the work of Michael Gandolfi, a Boston-based composer who is currently chair of the Composition Department at the New England Conservatory and a member of the Tanglewood Music Center. His piece Preludes for Woodwind Quintet, will be performed at the opening night reception on March 4, 2015

Anne Patterson’s sculptures and paintings have been exhibited throughout the United States and Europe, found in private, public and corporate collections.  Her most recent large-scale installation, Graced With Light: The Ribbon Project, was created in 2013, during her time as Artist-in-Residence at San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral. Initially intended to be up for 3 months, The Ribbon Project’s enormous popularity led to its extension at the cathedral four times, before eventually coming down in January of 2015. Photos of the installation received significant traction on social media, garnering more than a million likes on Instagram.

“My art is a response to the natural world. Whether through painting, sculpture or installation, I try to render into a physical form my reality – the immense light of the sun, the movement of the rippling leaves, the abstract shape of the crashing waves against the rocks,” continued Patterson. “Often my work is a visual response to a specific piece of music. I have synesthesia – I see an incredible magnificence of colors and shapes when I hear music. I strive to create work that transports us into a multi-sensory realm, similar to that which I’ve inhabited for my entire life, and deepens our relationship to the beauty around us.”

The Light Between is expected to remain in the atrium at 125 High Street in Boston indefinitely.  The public is invited to view the installation on weekdays from 7 am – 7 pm.  To see more visit


About Anne Patterson

Based in New York City, Anne’s fine art has been exhibited in New York City; Providence, RI; Atlanta, GA and Seville, Spain. Her paintings and sculptures are in private, public, and corporate collections across the USA and in London. She was the 2013 Artist-in-Residence at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, where her installation, Graced with Light: The Ribbon Project, was in place from October 2013-January 2015. Anne was awarded a Creative Capital Grant from the Warhol Foundation, is a fellow of the Hermitage Artist’s Retreat, and has been a visiting professor at Carnegie Mellon University. Education – B.A. Architecture, Yale University M.F.A., Theater Design, The Slade School of Art, London UK.