The Sunset Special at Menemsha Fish Market


The Sunset Special at Menemsha Fish Market

Offers Clams and Lobsters in a Variety of Ways

by Johanna Bernhard

The Sunset Special at the Menemsha Fish Market is exquisite. With an array of sides including a choice of lobster bisque or clam chowder, coleslaw, and a stuffed clam, there is more than enough food to settle any appetite. The main attraction is, of course, the lobster that ranges in size from one to three pounds. For those daring enough, there is also the ‘Lobsterzilla’ that weighs in at 11 pounds.

A certain level of force and determination is required to crack through the lobster’s outer layer. Once the shell is broken the pink-orange meat can be pried easily from the body and placed straight into the consumer’s mouth. The meat, accompanied by lemon and melted butter, is tender and flavorful. The claw meat is substantial and, like all claw meat, has a different texture. It is firm and muscular – chewier than the rest of the lobster.

Adding a kick of flavor, the clam is a hearty side to the succulent lobster. Filled with an array of spices and breadcrumbs, and presented in its’ original shell, the clam is a great addition to the feast. As is the chowder. The base of the soup is thick and creamy, filled with fresh white clams and chunks of potato. The whole clams are juicy and the mixture leaves you wanting more.

Take your lobster feast and enjoy magnificent sunset views while sitting on the beach overlooking Menemsha Bight. You won’t be disappointed.

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