Special Edition #WeAreBoston T-shirt
Special Edition #WeAreBoston T-shirt

Today all Massachusetts residents were asked to observe a moment of silence at at 2:50 p.m. to honor the victims and their families of the Boston Marathon Tragedy. Thomas M. Menino, Massachusetts Governor Deval L. Patrick and

The One Fund made the request on Sunday through a release from Thomas M. Menino’s press office. The One Fund is a fund to raise money for the victims and their families effected from the bombing. On Monday, April 15 2013, two bombs exploded on the Boston Marathon finish line at 2:50PM. Leaving supporters excessively bleeding, missing limbs, and in complete panic. 200 were injured, with 3 innocent lives taken. On Thursday April 18, around 10 PM an MIT police officer was killed and an MBTA officer was injured severely in a shootout between the police and suspects. On Friday April 19, the entire city of boston was shut down along with local towns until suspect #2 was retrieved.


It has only been a week, but feels like a month has already passed by. The Boston Marathon was exactly a week ago from today. A beautiful spring day that was suppose to be filled with nothing but joy and accomplishment now all has a new reminiscence. The nation’s premier event turned into a sickening tragedy with the blink of an eye. Experiencing this tragedy has only made the city of Boston a stronger place, but the unity that has transpired from this and the support from fundraisers that have been created is too incredible to even begin to describe. Boston is slowly bouncing back and we Bostonians will keep doing whatever we can to help in any way shape or form, even if that is just giving a stranger a hug. There is so much love in the city of boston nothing can ever take that away. God Bless everyone who was effected by this tragedy, know that you are not standing alone. I pray for fast recoveries to those still admitted. God Bless the entire law enforcement for their determination and dignity, you are all heros. Rest in Peace Sean Collier, Martin Richard, Krystle Campbell and Lu Lingzi, you also are heros.

#WeAreBoston special edition T-shirt from Boston resident DJ Hectik’s T-shirt line has been specially made to support this cause. Anyone that purchases the ‘Special Edition Tee’ the proceeds will be donated to The One Fund to support Victims and Families that were affected by the tragedy. To place an order email Orders@235ent.com with your size and subject line as Special Edition. For more information contact 617-826-9430. #WeAreBoston #BostonStrong #TheOneFund


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Written by Wendy Pollack



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