Boston’s Best Night in Town is The Louie Bello Concert Series


Abby Lane holds one of Boston’s biggest secrets every Wednesday night… The Louie Bello concert series. It is clearly one of the best nights out in town all week! Louie with his amazing band consisting of the talents of Coren Henley on the drum and Sean Cronin on guitar, really get the crowd going. They are not your typical band just singing at you… They actually interact with the crowd. Watch out ladies when Louie starts singing Jodeci’s song Feenin’ he may pick you out of the crowd to be part of the show! Get ready for all eyes to be on you!!

Not only do you get to see the superstar talents of Louie, but other local talents jump on stage to help perform! Last night he had Steve Memmolo who can be seen at Lucky’s every Friday and Maverick from jamin94.5 who is releasing his new single over at Venu this weekend. There’s a lot of talent under one roof and not to mention ladies a ton of eye candy!

Head on down to Abby Lane located at 253 Tremont St, next Wednesday night to see what Louie has in store for you next!