When you’ve accomplished something that only the Phoenix Suns have done, you know you have problems. The Celtics inability to make perimeter shots or simply rebound has made the first two games quite disturbing to watch as we get ready for Game 3 on the Bulls home court. The lack of intensity and effort on defense the Celtics have demonstrated to date is alarming and if Robin Lopez is going to look like Hakeem Olajuwon out there, the Boston Celtics might as well start their summer early.

Rajon Rondo was taking this series personally until he fractured his thumb. His slick passing abilities and smarts around the rim made him look like vintage Rondo.

Where’s this great NBA coach everyone has told me about? These mass substitutions are similar to what the Boston Bruins do and they’ve got to stop.

Where’s Al Horford? He’s once again Mr. Invisible and he No-Showed again especially in the fourth quarter of Game 2.

No more excuses. This level of performance and effort is simply not good enough. If Brad Stevens can’t make in-game adjustments, why don’t I make some adjustments for him.

Why don’t the Celtics see what they have in Jaylen Brown? I watch the rookie Malcolm Brogdon play big minutes for the Bucks in these playoffs, so let’s see what Brown can do. For him to play just eight minutes in Game 2 is a fair criticism of Stevens.

They’ve got to change the starting lineup tonight. Throw Zeller, Olynyk or someone from Europe out there, anybody but Amir Johnson. It sounds crazy but the Celtics could go smaller. They simply can’t rebound, so throw your most athletic team out there — Horford, Crowder, Brown, Bradley, Thomas — and roll the dice. Once again, I want to see what Jaylen Brown can do. I’ve been on record stating that the Celtics made a mistake with the third overall pick, so this would be a nice little sample size. The Green Teamers have told me he’s going to be an All Star one day, so let’s see it starting tonight.

In 1993, that Phoenix Suns team came back as a No. 1 seed, down 0-2 and won the series. I’m not saying this series is over but if the Celtics can’t simply make wide open jump shots and rebound in Game 3, this will be an embarrassing way to finish a basketball season. I’ve been telling everyone, all year, this was a fraudulent team. I didn’t know we would find out this soon.