10 Ways to Ensure a Safe and Fun New Years Eve!


1) Find a good party or two or three online and plan out your night in advance!

You don’t want to be roaming the city in the cold without a plan!

2) Get a fly outfit to impress that special someone over there!

Dress to the occasion, be confident and keep it classy!

3) Eat a GOOD meal! Can it be any more obvious?!

With all that drinking you got planned ahead, don’t do it on an empty stomach!

4) If you intend to drink, plan for an alternative transportation; i.e. taxi, designated driver, public transportation or UBER. Click the links for the MBTA schedule or free UBER credits. SERIOUSLY!


For your safety and the safety of others, the cost of spending a bit of money on alternative transportation is far less than the consequences of dealing with a DUI, car accident, or killing someone in an accident.

5) Celebrate bringing in the New Year with close friends!

The only people that can party the hardest with you, is your friends and you wouldn’t do it with anyone else!

6) Get to the party EARLY! The bouncers will not be impressed by your tears, excuses, and whining.

Free before 11, means free before 11!

7) Now that you’re inside the party… why not pop some bottles?!

You’re dressed in style, why not party in style?!

You KNOW the bar is going to be slammed, let the hostess bring the liquor to you. Also, if you’re strategic, it will be more cost effective than buying cocktails at the bar!

8) Go out on the floor and dance! Don’t just watch your friends have fun!

Dance like no one is watching!

9) When you do try to find that New Year’s hook up, avoid horrible pick-up lines at all costs!

Awww…… not.

10) If you do get that late night hook up, practice safe sex! STDs are REAL and if you have a kid in late August/early September, everyone will know that you didn’t follow my instructions!

Don’t ask… just keep scrolling.


11) Drink water before you pass out when you get home!

He looks drunk here… doesn’t he?

It will minimize the effect of a hangover the next morning. You will thank me for this! Here is a link on other ways to minimize hangovers.

Now you know exactly how to have a fun night on New Years Eve. If you don’t listen to me, I promise you that you will have a night of misery and you have no one to blame but yourself.

Who drinks wine under the desk of their office as they cry? Idiots that don’t listen.

If you have other tips and ways to have fun on New Years, leave a comment below and I probably won’t agree with you, but you can try.

Below are some links for Boston and nationwide for all the parties that are going on in New Years… stay safe!

Parties in Boston: CLICK HERE

Parties everywhere else in the country: CLICK HERE.

A Cool Black Tie Party:


Thanks for reading.