This year’s draft class is quarterback-heavy, and with a bunch of teams seeking a quarterback, there’s a lot of speculation regarding where these rookie quarterbacks will land next season. We’ll narrow our analysis down to four guys; Baker Mayfield, Josh Rosen, Sam Darnold, and Josh Allen.

Baker Mayfield, beloved Oklahoma QB, and this years’ winner of the Heisman Trophy– is expected to do great things in the NFL. However, as a winner of the Heisman, the media can’t help but compare Mayfield to Johnny Manziel. Questions of Mayfield’s ability to perform on the big stage, are prevalent. However, the Browns seem to think that he is an appealing choice for their organization, as he seems like a smart player with a classic blue-collar work ethic. Mayfield is the 6th player from Oklahoma to win the Heisman trophy, an award given to athletes of great skill and upstanding character. Rumors dictate that the Jets’ and the Browns’ are interested in giving Mayfield a shot at their QB position.

Josh Rosen is the quarterback of UCLA and a bonafide football prodigy. Coaches have been aware of Rosen since he was a child, as his acumen for the game has been promising since his youth football days. However, General Manager of the Browns, John Dorsey, supposedly believes Rosen lacks the leadership qualities to clench their QB position. Rosen opted to stay out of the ‘18 Draft if the Browns were interested in making a deal with him, but they declined. However, the Giants may be interested in him, as rumors circulate that GM, Dave Gettleman will most likely pick Rosen because of his consistently refined way of playing the position. The Giants need consistency in their future starter, and based off of Rosen’s performance as a Bruin– it’s clear he is their guy.

Sam Darnold is the quarterback for USC, and he is being looked at very closely by a number of teams. He’s in the running alongside Rosen for the Giants gig and Mayfield for the Browns’ open QB spot. Additionally, the Jets’ reportedly are interested in him– as they have a plethora of money to blow in free agency. It’s feasible that the Jet’s may push a few draft picks to Indianapolis for the chance to get Darnold. Darnold is definitely a wild card when it comes to his future home in the NFL, but it’s clear he will thrive wherever he’s drafted based off of his stellar season at USC.

Finally, Wyoming’s sweetheart– Josh Allen. This is a guy who’s soared through the media’s mock draft rankings in recent days– usually clenching the number 1 spot. When reading about of Allen’s future, Arizona is a team that keeps popping up. Though, Arizona is a team that wants a veteran QB– someone like Tyrod or McCarron, Allen may be a solid backup for the organization. Allen’s ability to start is in question by most teams, but his leadership abilities and upstanding character are not in question. The Broncos’ offensive line will likely be their starting pick, but their quarterback situation undoubtedly needs attention. A strong candidate to remedy their QB issues, is Allen. Allen had a marvelous Senior Bowl showing and seems like a clear choice if he’s available during Draft Day.

In conclusion, this article is based on pure speculation and media discussions– this draft will be as unpredictable as the years before, especially with such a large quarterback showing. All we can do is monitor the rumors and speculation as we get closer to Draft Day.

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