The Dirty Dozen: Tom Brady’s ankle, Julian Edelman is the man

    A dozen thoughts while dreaming about the next 80 degree day.


    Here’s hoping Tom Brady’s guru/trainer Alex Guerrero has better luck treating high ankle sprains then he does curing cancer.


    Here are the coaching-QB combinations of the AFC playoff teams. Manning-Kubiack, Lewis-Dalton/McCarron, O’Brien-Hoyer, Reid-Smith, Tomlin-Roethlisberger. So who do you think can beat a healthy Tom Brady and Bill Belichick? I say no one. The NFL is a coach-qb league and the Patriots have the best of each.


    Julien Edelman’s career is a remarkable story. A college quarterback at Kent St., Edelman has turned himself into one of the most valuable players in the NFL. The Patriots stats with and without Edelman are incredible. With Edelman in the lineup for 489 plays, the Patriots have completed 69 percent of their passes and converted 50 percent of their third downs. Without Edelman, they have taken 561 offensive snaps and completed 59 percent of their passes and 33.9 percent of their third downs. What a difference Jules makes.


    With the NFL coaching carousal now in high gear teams will want to start talking to the Patriots two coordinators, Josh McDaniels and Matt Patricia. I think they both stay with the Patriots. McDaniels has the debacle in Denver on his resume and the 39 year old Patricia has no head coaching experience and has not been through the interview process. He will be a very good head coach someday but not now. The only job I see McDaniels taking is the Giants job but I don’t think it will be offered to him.


    Speaking of the Giants, sad to see Tom Coughlin go. I covered Tom when he was at Boston College and he was not only a tremendous coach but a great and caring man. A hard ass with a big heart. Wishing him the best.


    The Bruins are the Celtics. The Celtics are the Bruins. Both teams are marginal playoff teams. When they don’t play hard and stick to their respective game plan’s they are not very good teams. The Celtics losses at home to the Lakers and Nets and the Bruins Winter Classic no show are examples of that. Neither team has that great player that can get a team a win when they are having an off night. Both teams have shown glimpses of being good but in the long run you need that great player to get you over the top.


    We will know by the end of the month if the Bruins are playoff contenders or pretenders. After playing the Caps at home Tuesday night the Bruins play 5 games in a row on the road and for the month play 7 of 11 away from the Garden. By February 1, we should know where the Bruins stand in a playoff chase.


    Sports radio has be unlistenable following the Patriots loss to the Dolphins. Patriots fans are loyal to their team, to a fault. The callers have gone off the deep end this week saying Belichick going back to the coin toss to the Jets wanted his team to lose so they would get the second seed and not have to face the Steelers. Add that to they are playing vanilla so they won’t show anything for the playoffs. Makes me turn off the radio and plays the CD’s.


    Spring Training is just around the corner. How hard do you think Hanley Ramirez is working on playing first base. This will be a disaster that can not be fixed. No one wants him and with 66 million left on his deal you have to play him somewhere. Mike Napoli told WEEI’s Rob Bradford about switching to first, “I think it’s a lot harder than people think, but if you put the work in and are serious about it you can become good at it.” Hard work and Hanley Ramirez have never been used in the same sentence. This will not be good.


    The 2016 inductees to Baseball’s Hall of Fame will be announced this week. Ken Griffey Jr. is a slam dunk. In my mind Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds should also be going to Cooperstown. Spare me the PED talk. In my mind during that era everyone was using something as Baseball turned a blind eye to drugs. Bonds and Clemens were the best players of their generation and deserve to be in.


    I know college hoops is not on people’s mind but start paying attention to the Providence College Friars. They are ranked 8th in the country and have the nation’s best point guard in Chris Dunn. He will be a top 8 pick in the NBA Draft. Take a trip down 95 South and take in a game at the Dunk in Providence. Most knowledgable college hoops crowd in New England and not a bad seat in the house.


    Enough with all the events at Fenway Park. The Winter Classic was cool, the college and high school football games were great. But now there is a Big Air snowboarding event coming to Yawkey Way, and the Globe reported that the Sox and Celtics have talked about an outdoor basketball game at the old ball yard. Thats a horrible idea. Enough is enough. The Red Sox need to stop pimping out the ballpark.




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