It only took 10 Sundays, but the NFL finally had an exciting slate of games last weekend. Down to the wire, missed PATs, and a lot of high scoring games resulted in a long over due great NFL Sunday across the board (minus the Jets, they stink).

By Bernard Gagnon - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link
By Bernard GagnonOwn work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

1. The New England Patriots are still the best team in the league.

First things first, Seattle is a good team. Yes their record, 6-3-1, is not as good as it should be but they are a very good team. One of, if not the best defense in the league, a Top 5 quarterback in the league in Rusty Wilson and the second best coach in the league only to Bill. (Side note Pete Carroll seems like the best guy to play for in all of sports, just an absolute players coach who loves the game and loves to have fun) The Patriots lost to a very good team, which leaves me the opposite of worried heading into Week 11. There were two games on the back nine of the schedule that the Patriots had a chance of losing and this was one of them. I don’t see the Patriots losing to Denver in a few weeks, so we’re gonna win out and finish the season at 14-2, with the best record in the AFC. (Chiefs and Raiders are good, but not win out good, (partially because they play each other, but mostly because I’m a football guru)) The Patriots are still head and shoulders above the rest of the AFC and starting now have a cake walk to Houston. And people who argue Denver and Oakland are as good as the Pats need to get outta my face, at the end of the day it’s gonna come down to quarterbacks. On one hand, you have the greatest quarterback of all time, and on the other hand you have a combined 5 NFL seasons. Get outta here. However going 0-for 4-on first and goal on the 2 yard line is not a good look, especially when the games on the line.

2. The Los Angeles Rams are LOL.

The Rams are the goofiest team in the NFL. They’re sitting pretty in 3rd in the NFC West with a perfectly Rams 4-5 record. My man Big Cat over at Barstool came up with the Jeff Fisher Coaching Philosophy Chart which is if you’re under .500, win, if you’re over .500, lose, and if you’re at .500 stay put, you’re golden. And it literally couldn’t be anymore true. The Rams are the very definition of mediocrity, just bad enough to never make the play offs, but just good enough to not get a good draft pick. Which results in giving away half your pick to trade up in order to draft a QB who’s just good enough to be a back up but just bad enough to not start. It’s a wild system they got going over there in Hollywood, but as a third party I can’t say I hate it. Also, they’ve won two games this year without scoring a touchdown, if that’s not electricity then I don’t know what is.

3. The Green Bay Packers reign as a top tier team is over and the NFC North is garbage.

The Pack fell to 4-5 yesterday losing a tough one to the Mighty Titans of Tennessee. The Titans hung a 40 spot on the Swiss cheese Packer defense. (Pun intended. Also, keep an eye on Tennessee for me will ya, team of the future potential with Mariota, Henry, and the pride of UMass Tajae Sharpe) But oh how the mighty has fallen for the Packers. Rodgers is looking very civilian, their defense stinks and McCarthy isn’t the coach he used to be. They also don’t have the receivers they had on that championship squad a few years back. In regards to the rest of that division, if I’m not mistaken a wise man once pronounced the Vikings as a fraud a few weeks back. That wise man was me. And boy was I right. They’ve dropped 4 straight since opening up 5-0 and Sam Bradford STINKS and has a noodle arm, further proving my point that defense may win championships, but offense wins games, and without games there’s no championships. The Bears stink. Which leaves my boy Matty Stafford (opposite of a noodle arm) holding down the one spot in the North. Which is just the cherry on top as to why the NFC North is GARBAGE. I mean c’mon, the Lions?

Also, Sunday Night Football is the worst invention of all time. A four-hour football game starting at 8:30 p.m. on a Sunday is manaical. How on earth do you expect me to stay up until 12:30 p.m. on a Sunday night?! I’m lucky if I make it to 9, no shot I’m there until 12:30. Sundays are for hangovers, not all nighters. I am officially out on SNF. Except Carrie, still in on Carrie.