The Running Waves set on Cape Cod in 1994 is a story about two brothers struggling with loss of life and loss of relationships so one would assume that its all doom and gloom, but the reality is humor plays a major part throughout the book.  

So when co-writers Seton and T.M. Murphy decided to adapt their story into a movie they knew a seasoned comic actor had to be involved. Good Natured Dog Productions along with The Murphy Brothers are thrilled to announce that they got one of the best. Lenny Clarke has signed on to play the part of Molloy, the acerbic parking lot attendant at the local ferry.

We dont want anything fake in this movie like accents and attitudes that arent New England. You see all the time in movies and drives us crazy. Lenny is New England. He has been our dream choice from day one.” Co-writer Seton Murphy told Dirty Water Media.

“Lenny is not just one of the funniest people to have come out of Boston but he is also one of the best actors in our region. I don’t think he gets enough credit for his acting ability. I mean we just got the guy who played Uncle Teddy in Rescue Me. This is a dream come true. Of course, when I told Lenny that he joked that I had small dreams in life.” T.M. Murphy laughed.

“It’s always great to see local guys make good. It’s even better when you can be a part of it!” Lenny Clarke beamed after announcing he will take on the role of Molloy.

Filming is slated to begin this fall in Falmouth and Clarke will film his scenes at the Island


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(Left to right, T.M. Murphy and Lenny Clarke backstage at a Flapjack Comedy event at the Sea Crest Hotel)