50th HOCR Celebrated with Limited Edition New Balance


Normally, when I attend events; I show up, meet people, exchange information, take a few pictures and my day is over. Not all events are made equal but generally the process is the same. However, how often does one consider historical significance of any event, whether it is big or small?

This year, the Head of the Charles® Regatta (HOCR); the worlds largest regatta (boat race by row or sail) is celebrating its 50th year of racing. It will host more than 11,000 rowers, 400,000 spectators and its taking place right here in Boston this weekend. To commemorate the milestone, Official Athletic Footwear and Athletic Apparel Sponsor New Balance created the first custom shoe designed exclusively for the Regatta. The New Balance 990v3 “Regatta” is inspired by the American heritage of the sport of rowing.

Made in USA New Balance 990v3 “Regatta” Shoes

Below is an excerpt from the press release that describes the shoe:

Utilizing a new suede and mesh color palette, the Made in USA New Balance 990v3 upper features a blue grey colorway with silver and high-visibility yellow accents, a popular color in the sport of rowing. Exclusive details include the official The Head of the Charles® 50th Anniversary logo on the heel, a speckeled midsole, and the Regatta course map on the shoe insert.

There are also other limited edition performance apparel that will be released by New Balance such as a Windblocker jacket, men & women’s tees and much more.

The official release event was held at The Tannery on Boylston Street in Boston that was a guest-list only private gathering. Team members from New Balance corporate were present, as well as PR from Victorinox, volunteers, directors from the HOCR and OLYMPIC CHAMPIONS!!

As cheesy at it may sound, I was honored to be in the presence of these people that create the shoe, the people that make the HOCR run every year, the racers and everyone in between! If I am not too anxious the limited edition 990v3s that were gifted to me might be worth a lot in 50 years, when I pass it down to my grandkids. However, shoes are meant to be worn and I can’t wait to put on my best impersonation as a rower and tell everyone that I was a coxswain!

New Balance really positioned themselves well for this event as they created an item that will drive marketing and attention to the event and also a collectible item that can passed on and discussed to many generations. It’s rare feat when you can mesh a passionate culture with aggressive marketing and have them work synonymously.

Check out the gallery below for more images:

Racing takes place on Saturday, October 18 & Sunday, October 19, between the hours of 8am and 5pm. If you want additional information on the event click here: HOCR

If you want to get your own pair of limited edition New Balances; you can visit a local NB store or website and you can also get them at The Tannery.