A Tight Knit Topic

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I have a serious obsession with scarves. I rarely leave home without one, whether it’s wool, silk or fur, the scarf is an excellent accessory that can transform your look from weak to chic in a matter of seconds.  Additionally, skinny neck scarves, choker tops and necklaces are making a big comeback thanks to Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid.

As this blog will be comprised mainly of my current and permanent obsessions, one of the most frequently asked questions I hear from my clients and friends is, “how do I tie this scarf, because every time I do it it looks like a neck brace?”
Here are the steps to get your scarf styled in seconds.

scarf knot

I started with one of my favorite geometric print wool scarves from JCrew.

(Starting with photos left to right)

Step 1: Place scarf around back of neck and make left side significantly shorter than the right.

 Step 2: Take right longer side and wrap it around your head so that both ends of the scarf are the same length.

Step 3: Cross the scarf and loop it thru. Feel free to tuck in the ends to add your own style.

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The Silk Scarf:
All my years at ELLE magazine taught me that The silk scarf is one of the most timeless and chic accessories a woman can wear.

Here is how I style my Hermes scarf:

silk scarf

Step 1: Fold scarf in half making a triangle. Make sure the point is facing towards you.

Step 2: Roll scarf over until the thickness is to your liking.

silk scarfStep 3: Follow steps 1-3 from the wool scarf demo

Step 4: Make a square knot

silk finish

Step 5: Fluff and tuck, keep ties in the front, side or turn them around to the back for a choker like appearance.

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