Artist to Watch: Chelsea Cutler

Lately, I’ve been searching for something new to change up my current music selection. I’ve been gravitating towards Indie music, and have fallen in love with Chelsea Cutler. After hearing a few songs, I was instantly hooked and decided that it was only appropriate to stalk her on social media to learn more about her.

Her debut EP was released in October of 2017

Snow in October features 6 songs that all feature her incredible voice and songwriting abilities. She is signed to Ultra Records, who works with big name artists including Steve Aoki, Calvin Harris, and others who are making waves in the music industry. Ultra Records backing Chelsea Cutler can only mean there are big things in her future. I would definitely recommend listening to the whole EP, but if I had to pick a favorite it would be either Your Shirt or Giving Up Ground which features Quinn XCII. Her EP can be found on both Spotify and Sound Cloud!

She’s local! (Kinda)

Despite being a Connecticut native, Massachusetts has a special place in her heart. She began releasing original music in 2015 while a freshman at Amherst College, and released her debut song with Ultra in the fall of 2017 while a junior in college. Not only was she working on music, but she was also on Amherst College’s soccer team, making the rest of us college students look like underachievers.

She already has a following, that only keeps growing

For someone who released their EP less than a year ago, she certainly has gained a lot of success. As of right now, she has over 2.7 million monthly Spotify listeners, and over 26.3k followers on Instagram. She makes sure to keep her fans updated on her life, and judging by all of her hilarious captions she hasn’t let her fame get to her head. Be sure to follow her on Instagram so you can see what she’s up to, and so I won’t be the only one cyberstalking her.

She’s on tour!

You can catch Chelsea performing right now on as she tours with Quinn XCII, which began earlier in 2018. The full list of her tour dates and locations can be found on her website, and she also uses Instagram to post updates on her performances! After the tour, she will definitely still be busy as she performs at KAABOO Del Mar.

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