Back Bay Yoga Studio — Hip hop yoga!



Whether you are trying to tone-up, lose weight, calm down, or try something new Back Bay Yoga Studio is the place for you! I tried the blacklight hip-hop yoga class taught by Meghan this past weekend and it was nothing short of awesome. I highly recommend checking this place out!

Back Bay Yoga (BBY) offers and array of courses designed for all levels of experience– so even if you are a first-timer BBY has a class for you! They offer classes such as:

  • Vinyasa flow

  • Basic yoga (for beginners)

  • Hip-hop yoga

  • Meditation

  • Intermediate/Advanced yoga (for all you yoga pros)

  • Yin & Restorative yoga

  • Yoga for runners & athletes

  • Blacklight yoga

  • Alignment yoga

  • And so many more!

Blacklight Hip-hop yoga class at Back Bay Yoga

Although, I have not taken all of these classes (YET), I will tell you all about Meghan’s blacklight hip-hop yoga class! First off… I know what this sounds like– Really fast paced yoga to JAMN 94.5 on the radio? False. This is actually Vinyasa at a normal pace (so everyone can do it!) to super cool mixes of really upbeat hip-hop and dance music. Also they put blacklights on which is really cool because everyone is glowing! Meghan allows you to alter movements if need be and she also allows you to challenge yourself with more complicated moves which was a nice way to test your own capabilities.


She also did a long slow stretch at the end which was both relaxing and effective. They hold this class in a warm room to promote detoxification and suppleness. If you’ve never broke a sweat doing yoga you definitely will in this class! The blacklight creates an iridescent quality to the room so they ask that you wear white or neon colors to contribute to the glowing effects, but this is of course optional.

BBY offers more than just yoga too! They offer:


  • MASSAGE THERAPY (Izzy VanHall)

They also have a great staff and really cool clothing available to buy, shirts, sports bras, yoga wear, etc. Bring your own mat or rent one for $3, the class I took is priced at $15 for the 90 minutes and well worth it. They offer membership deals too! Check them out at Good luck!