Batter Up Party Down – The Baseball Tavern



written by: Gina Oullette

Visiting the Baseball Tavern is an absolute must for anyone who is attending a Red Sox game. Located right around the corner from Fenway Park this hot spot draws in the perfect crowd filled with Boston fans.

They have a great menu full of tasty foods to fill up on before heading to the game. The clam strips recommended by the owner are a bar favorite. They also offer pizzas to share and hotdogs resembling the “famous franks” served at Fenway Park itself.

The Baseball Tavern provides a full bar with a variety of beers on tap on each of the three floors. There are large televisions on every floor which provide everyone the opportunity to watch their favorite players and teams face off in the fight to the finish.

The roof deck is the perfect spot to enjoy a delicious meal and some fresh cocktails on a warm summer aftbsballtavern2ernoon. It provides a great view of Fenway Park which gives everybody the feeling that they’re part of the action, even if they’re not attending the game.

If you and your friends decide you want to make your way over to watch the game in person, head down stairs to Higs tickets. Higs tickets, located in the basement of the Baseball Tavern is a convenient place to get tickets for all Boston sports games. Higs offers their customers great services with a variety of tickets to different events. Their staff are extremely helpful and can assist you in finding the best tickets around.

bsballtavern1Post game at the Baseball Tavern is a great place to meet up with other fans and attendees to continue celebrating. The bartenders are experienced and provide fast service, so theres no waiting around for your drinks.

Not only is this bar a prime spot for games but also for nightlife. There is a Dj on the first floor along with a large dance floor. Everyone is drinking, dancing, and having an amazing time. Friday nights at the Baseball Tavern are known around the city for their competitive karaoke.

The bar is centered in a historic area of Boston. So if your in the area make sure you stop into the baseball tavern for a fantastic time. Located at 1270 Boylston Street, Boston.