Bisping Beats Down Silva at UFC London


The Spider returns and gets caught in a tangled web in London.

On Saturday February 28, the legend Anderson “The Spider” Silva took on Michael Bisping at UFC Fight Night 84 in London for a middleweight battle. Anderson Silva, arguably the greatest UFC fighter of all time at 41-years-old had not fought in two years. The fight went a full five rounds and had no shortage of action.

In the third round of the fight, Bisping lost his mouthpiece and appeared to be very concerned about it. During the round he tried to flag down the referee. While Bisping’s defense was down, Silva took the split second opportunity to deliver a vicious flying knee directly to Bisping’s head. He dropped immediately with one second left in the third round.

Silva thought he had won the fight and began to celebrate but the referee had not stopped the fight. It took a few moments to explain to Silva he had to get down from the fence because the fourth round was about to begin.

After two more rounds, Silva delivered a number of devastating blows to Bisping. This included a front kick delivered directing to Bisping’s face. Despite these major blows and Bisping’s face being badly bloodied and beaten, it seemed that Bisping still had more consistency and control of the fight.

UFC Fight Night 84
UFC Fight Night 84

At the end of the five round fight, Bisping won with a unanimous decision from all three judges scoring him in favor 48-47. The third round was controversial but overall the fight was clean, entertaining and fair. In the end, both fighters bowed in front of one another in an act of good sportsmanship and respect. UFC Fight Night 84 was fought in London and was streamed online with UFC’s Fight Pass. Bisping who is from the UK is still undefeated in his home country. The question now is, does Bisping deserve a shot at the Middleweight title?

All eyes will now be on the UFC 196 fight on March 5. Connor McGreggor vs. Nate Diaz and Holly Holm vs. Miesha Tate will be nothing short of surprising.