Bobby Robins, A New face on the Bruins

Bobby Robins’ first fighting major vs. Flyer’s Luke Schenn on October 8th, 2014

So for many of you who don’t follow our baby Bruins team in Providence you may have not even heard of the name Bobby Robins until his first NHL appearance last night during the home opener for the Bruins vs. the Flyers. He even had his first scrap with Philly’s defenseman Luke Schenn which had the crowd at the garden going wild. I am and have been a huge fan of Robins since we acquired him to the Providence Bruins in 2011. Not only is he an enforcer, but he is fearless on the ice… an absolute savage to say the least. After the sting of the Shawn Thornton trade, Bobby Robins may be just what the doctor ordered.

Bobby-RobinsIt has been a long road for this 32 year old center who began his career with the AWHL and the USHL from 2000-2002. He later went on to play Hockey East with UMass Lowell (division 1) for 4 seasons and getting his first AHL career start with the Binghamton Senators (Ottawa Senators) in 2005-2006. Robins has spent 9 years and played 280 games with the AHL before finally making his big debut in the NHL. He had his ups and downs, but stuck with his dreams while times were tough and he was brought back down to the ECHL in 2007. He even went to play overseas in Austria before returning to the AHL to continue hacking his way into the NHL.

The kid has been back and forth and all around but hopefully he has found a home with the Boston Bruins. I’m sure we would all love to see more of Bobby Robins and he claims it was a “dream debut.”

As NESN reported, “I want to keep going,” Robins said. “I don’t want to just play one game. I want to keep stringing together games and stringing together good games—make that a season, make that two seasons and a career and keep this going. I’ve definitely got the itch now. I want to stay in this league.”

This blog was not only to talk about Bobby’s hockey talent, but I also wanted to shed some light on his writing skills. Did anyone know Robins has a blog of his own?? Well he does …And it’s pretty darn good! It is so refreshing to see an athlete who is talented both on and off the ice. He is a real family guy as well, seeming to be all about his wife and daughter who were of course in attendance at his first NHL game last night. His blog is very intimate and captivating, which is a real cool way to get to know the guy you’ll be rooting for this season. Hopefully we will see more of Bobby Robins as the season continues… Go Bruins!

You can check his blog out at: …Enjoy!