Boston 420 Day Overview


Boston 420 Day Overview420-day_s165x110

The term “420” has become universally known as the code word for smoking pot. The group of teens in San Rafael, California, who coined the phrase circa 1971 had no clue that their slang for toking up at 4:20pm every day would become a worldwide phenomenon.

Boston is widely considered the birthplace of freedom in the United States and there’s nothing more American than Bostonians exercising their collective rights to light up a doobie every April 20th. 420 Day Boston is home to a plethora of 420 Day events that provide fun for reefer revelers of all kinds.

At the MassCann/NORML Cannabis Gathering, stoned citizens sit in drum circles and take in the beautiful, visually stimulating sites of the centuries-old Boston Common. Blazed celebrants who find an enticing red line on the park’s cobble stone (the Freedom Trail) can follow it to other psychedelic and historic spots around Beantown like the Bunker Hill Monument, USS Constitution, and the Paul Revere House.

Later on, adventurous bud lovers cruise over to Quincy to take – and toke – part in Cannabis Appreciation Day 420 Party, where live music enhances a good high. There, guests also have the opportunity to learn more about the innovative Maine Green Cross while purchasing marijuana paraphernalia.

With its slew of 420 Day parties, Boston is easily one of the best places for stoners to toke up like there’s no tomorrow.

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