Boston Beauties: Jessie

cjc photography, boston, fashion, beauty, lingerie

cjc photography, boston, fashion, beauty, lingerieBoston Beauties: Jessie
This week’s Boston beauty is Jessie who has been featured in Puerto Rico’s Intense and the cover of Next Level Magazine.

Get to know Jessie…

How did you get your start in modeling?
I started modeling in 2006 at a car show for one of my friends. I absolutely loved it and did a few more after that. I was then a ring girl for about a year for a few MMA promotions. In 2011, I did my first photo shoot.

cjc photography, boston, fashion, beauty, lingerie

What are your favorite physical features?
My eyes and smile.

What do you enjoy the most about modeling?
I enjoy that you can be any one you want to be, or you can show people a different side that they didn’t know.

How do you stay in such great shape?
I love zumba and doing abs and legs at the gym.

In one word how would you describe yourself?

This industry can be very harsh, how do you deal with criticism?
I smile and say I’m sorry that I’m confident and believe in myself.

cjc photography, boston, fashion, beauty, lingerieWhat advice do you have for someone looking to get into modeling?
Do it with class and never give up. Keep smiling and show people what you got!

Dream concept for a shoot?
A jungle shoot.

cjc photography, boston, fashion, beauty, lingerieMost embarrassing moment?
I’d have to say my most embarrassing moment would be missing a few steps in front of Mario Lopez at the club I worked at. Needless to say he was very nice after, but I was dying inside.

Biggest fear?
Hmm that’s a good question I guess it would be never finding true love.

cjc photography, boston, fashion, beauty, lingerieAny final thoughts or comments?
I’m just thankful for everyone who’s been by my side and never given up on me, love you all.

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