Boston Fashion Week 2014: Synergy Continues to Impress

Finale for Maj

Let me just start this article by saying this; it is only RIGHT that the Emerging Trends Runway Show closes Boston fashion week! They are truly the measuring stick of how to properly execute a show, with quality designers, production and experience.

In the blank canvas of the Cyclorama which is part of the Boston Center for the Arts complex, Reaz Hoque, Andy Jacques and their team continue to dazzle with a classy event. Given that there were 11 designers listed for the show, I was very curious on how they were going to keep what looked to be a long show short? They were creative in how everything was implemented; to buy time for models to change they had short films, light transitions were smooth and there never felt to be any type of awkward break or error.

Given that this is their 7th annual show, they obviously have a system in place. The Synergy team in the past few years have done shows in Dubai, NYC, London and Paris and given that their roots are here in Boston, I am glad they are really expanding horizons and executing beautiful shows!

Also partial proceeds of the event are being donated to the One Fund to continue to support the families and victims of the tragic events of Boston marathon on April 15, 2013.

If you want to follow more of what Synergy Events does, you can visit their website HERE for more information.

Check out the images of the show below: