As we approach the end of the year it’s time here at Dirty Water Sports to hand out our Boston Sports MIP Award (Most Important person).

Here are the nominees…

Tom Brady: He can be nominated every year but 2015 was a wild one for TB12. First he wins his 3rd Super Bowl MVP and his 4th title in the thrilling come from behind win over the Seahawks in Super Bowl 49.

The offseason saw Brady win another battle this time over duplicitous NFL commissioner Roger Goodell wanted to suspend Brady for four games for Deflategate but Brady never wavered in his innocence, fought and won the right to stay on the field.

And he came out of the gate on fire this season at 38 years old having one of his best seasons. The Greatest of All Time had one great 2015

Judge Richard Berman: If it wasn’t for the ruling of Judge Berman the Deflategate mess would have continued into this season and who knows what would have become of Tom Brady’s suspension and the Patriots season.
Berman bitch slapped the NFL bringing a dose of sanity to the soap opera mess that was Deflategate.

Malcolm Butler: Before Super Bowl 49 raise your hand if you had ever heard of Malcom Butler. OK you over there put your hand down. Butler made what is arguably the greatest play in Super Bowl history. Butler’s goal line pick changed the who narrative around the Patriots. Belichick and Brady are now a gaudy 4-2 in Super Bowls instead of a more pedestrian 3-3. Butler has proven not to be a one hit wonder as he has morphed into a true number one corner.

Dave Dombrowski: He came here in August as the Red Sox were on the verge of their 3rd last place finish in 4 years. In his first hot stove season he has signed an ace in David Price and rebuilt the bullpen with a closer and set up man without having to trade their young studs in Bogaerts and Betts. He has brought some real baseball knowledge to a team that was over reliant on stat heads and overrated prospects. His next challenges are to get rid of Hanley Ramirez and Pablo Sandoval and keep the meddlesome owners Henry and Werner out of the baseball decision making process.

And the Winner is: Tom Brady. It was close between Brady and Butler but in the end the GOAT had a truly great year both on and off the field.