Boston’s Best Beer Bar


Three Boston-area bars were included in Draft magazine’s latest 2015 list of America’s 100 Best Beer Bars. They include Lord Hobo (Inman Square), Deep Ellum (Allston) and the Brookline favorite, The Publick House. However, BarUp disagrees with Draft magazine’s picks…. While we do enjoy all three bars, and respect their beer selections, our choice for Boston’s best beer bar is Allston’s Sunset Grill & Tap.


112 taps and 380 bottle selections… are you kidding me?! Sunset is known for its beer, having drafts that come from all areas of this world. The bar considers itself a 365 day beer festival, as it’s constantly packed with people ranging from frat bros to old married couples.

Now Sunset doesn’t carry the highest end of beers… no overpriced stuff… so it’s perfect for a casual night out or a night of going ham. Beer list aside, the service makes this bar truly special. The energetic staff is always on point, ready to assist you with beer selection.

If you haven’t given Sunset Bar a chance, head over to Brighton Ave and try it out!


About BarUp

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