Brady, Edelman, Gronk Stay Loose, Razz Each Other on Facebook

Tom Brady is out of bounds short of the goal line in the first half against the Chiefs. (AP Photo)

OK, so it’s Tom Brady’s management team and not Tom himself cranking out the Facebook posts, but in the battle of wits against Rob Gronkowski’s and Julian Edelman’s social media teams, Team Brady wins.

On Monday, Brady’s team had some fun with a photo opp that showed Julian Edelman beginning to raise his arms for a touchdown when Brady barreled into the pylon attempting to score a running TD in the second quarter on Saturday. Brady posted a photo of the play with the caption: “Hey Julian, how about a little less flexing and a little more blocking next time!!”

Hey Julian, how about a little less flexing and a little more blocking next time!!

Posted by Tom Brady on Monday, January 18, 2016

Brady also gave Edelman a shout-out in the comments under the photo writing, “Good to have you back, bud.”

Edelman got the last laugh in this round however, when he responded on Facebook with this zinger:

My bad Tom Brady it’s just that usually when i dive for the pylon it counts as a touchdown 😉 love you bud

Posted by Julian Edelman on Monday, January 18, 2016

Edelman also landed one on his BFF and QB earlier in the day when he appeared on WEEI’s Ordway, Merloni, and Fauria when describing Brady’s 10-yard dash. “He’s like a Clydesdale out there,” Edelman said of Brady. “A big old horse. Reminds me of the old Budweiser commercials. It was pretty cool.” No. 11 also turned in a pretty nifty impression of Brady over the weekend:

Like most great ideas, this one also started with Rob Gronkowski, who kicked the theme off online Sunday.

And the shenanigans continued into Monday night, when Gronk chimed in with this:

Hey Tom, you know its impossible to catch a Gronk spike right?

Posted by Rob Gronkowski -Gronk on Monday, January 18, 2016

Stay tuned. I imagine this slapstick routine is far from over.

Has there ever been a looser bunch heading into an AFC Championship game?