Brady Has Some Guilt, But Doesn’t Change A Thing About Him


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Brady Has Some Guilt, But Doesn’t Change A Thing About Him

By: Tom Rowe

Through the course of 7 months, going on 8, the Deflategate Saga has dominated the headlines of the National Football League and the New England Patriots. The saga has reached its climax as of yesterday afternoon, when the NFL and Commissioner Rodger Goodell announced that the four game suspension handed down to Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady in the wake of the Ted Wells Report would be upheld; denying the star player’s appeal.

Many facts and rumors have been released to the public over the course of the last 24 hours, most notably and most talked about is the destruction of Brady’s personal cell phone the day of his questioning by league investigator Ted Wells. Though it looks bad on the part of Brady, no matter what way you look at it, it does not fully convict him of 100% percent guilt. A piece from Brady’s Wednesday Morning statement from the New York Times gives a more than reasonable explanation:

“I replaced my broken Samsung phone with a new iPhone 6 AFTER my attorneys made it clear to the N.F.L. that my actual phone device would not be subjected to investigation under ANY circumstances. As a member of a union, I was under no obligation to set a new precedent going forward, nor was I made aware at any time during Mr. Wells’s investigation that failing to subject my cellphone to investigation would result in ANY discipline.”

Due to the fact the NFL never actually subjected Brady and his camp to hand over the device, it cant be used in a Court of Law to find him guilty and furthermore, if the records from Brady’s phone were given to Wells and the investigators in detail, as stated through the rest of Tom’s Statement, then why is there such an emphasis on having the actual phone? Though the action itself, not the why, could come back to bite Tom and his lawyers in the rear ends, its still not enough to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that the 4 time Super Bowl Champion did anything. When you dissect everything this story has presented, the Wells Report, the Appeal, etc., it seems the NFL still doesn’t have much hard evidence to win in a Federal Court against “Team Brady”. Then again, there’s still a few lose ends that Tom’s Lawyers may not be able to tighten up.

The sudden and mysterious “releases” of Patriots Locker Room Attendants Jim McNally and John Jastermski has been a part of the story that doesn’t get enough detail as the actual air pressure in the footballs themselves have. It’s been stated that in the appeal hearing for Tom Brady, the Quarterbacks camp was approached about the possibility of both men speaking upon Brady’s behalf to prove any innocence, Brady and his Lawyers “aggressively” refused. Not to mention the consistent refusal to talk about either employee at all by Brady and the Patriots Organization in any way whatsoever leaves a lot of questions like “What do they know?”. The public perception that they (Brady and the Patriots) don’t want either men saying a word to anyone about what Tom Brady actually knew about in the process of preparing his footballs to his “standards” will remain a mystery, unless guilt or innocence is proved on behalf of either party (Brady and the NFL) in Court or if McNally and Jastermski speak and tell their story. They could very well be the missing piece to this puzzle that Brady and the NFL have failed to solve since the AFC Championship Game in January.

My opinion after all the facts have been laid in front of me, Tom Brady knew something was going on during the handling of these footballs. He has been the quarterback of the Patriots for the last 15 years, you cannot convince me he doesn’t know what is done to any of the equipment he uses in practice, in games, etc. Also, the mystery of McNally and Jastermski, the actual action of his cell phone being destroyed, the text messages between them and Tom, leaves too much doubt to say he’s 100% innocent. Although he might have some level of guilt, it does not mean he deserves the punishment handed down to him by the NFL or the outlandish, scrutiny that has followed nation wide. A slap on the wrist and a massive fine is all this deserves, nothing more and nothing else. To say all of this has any impact on him as a player, competitor, or character is ludicrous. If it proves anything, it proves he’s human like the rest of us. In the light of actual fact, if this is the worst thing he has done in his 15 years in the NFL, then he’s the boy scout of boy scouts. No one can truly explain how this act of deflation is cheating on the field of play and after all the investigations, all the questioning over the 8 months, no one has come up with the actual detailed truth of what happened. If he is found guilty of any knowledge in court, in the end, it doesn’t change anything about Tom Brady, except missing 4 games in 2015. Guilty or not, he is the Greatest Quarterback to play in the NFL and a sure 1st ballot Hall of Famer. If anyone tries to argue that by using this overhyped, overblown story is respectively, but truly moronic in character and mind. On the part of Brady taking the matter to court, it’s no guarantee he will win against the NFL, who surprised everyone when they filed the lawsuit against Brady before his lawyers could act on doing the same. There is still too much unanswered by Brady and the Patriots just like Rodger Goodell and the NFL, but he’s not doomed to be “shown up” in Court like the public believes. It’s time to sit back and watch what happens next as this story continues onto yet another, ridiculous chapter.

(Picture sourced from USA Today Sports)