Bruins vs. Montreal Game 7 Preview


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For the ninth time in Bruins-Habs postseason history these two teams will see a game 7. With home ice advantage we can hope to see a win for the black and gold in front of a wild crowd at the TD Garden. Do or die time for the Bs… Let the nail biting begin.

The team that could easily be given a gold medal for making Boston one of proudest cities in America. The Bruins will need to come out with a bang and play with the highest energy they’ve ever played with this season. With the help of a roaring home crowd and a sense of urgency knowing their season could be at it’s end, the Bruins should be able to get the W for this lengthy rivalry series.

With the Canadiens having 7 power-play goals vs. our measly 2, the Bruins need to not only stay out of the box, but finish opportunities when they arise… Get the puck on net and keep the pressure on Price. This game needs to see a lot more out of David Krejci tonight. In game 6 it seemed as if he finally came alive, but may not have had all the help he needed from lineys Jarome Iginla and Milan Lucic to make a solid impact. Being a team that is blessed to be able to count on all 4 lines to get the scoreboard lit up every Boston player needs to bring their A game to the ice tonight if they want to see their Stanley Cup journey continue.

My advice? Brush game 6 under the rug come out hard tonight and take a different approach with shots on Carey Price. Take more shots away from his glove-side, seeing as he doesn’t bat an eyelash to make glove saves. Create more opportunities whether it be on power plays, 2-on-1s, or with rebounds. Keep your feet moving and make fluent tape to tape passes. Play aggressive and show this team why we are the #1 team in the NHL this year. With Norris, Vezina, and Selke nominations you best believe the Bruins will not give up without a fight, especially when it comes to Montreal.

Go Bs!