I remember when I was younger, must’ve been like 8th grade, my dad took me to a Celtics-Bucks game at the Garden and we were sitting next to this Milwaukee fan. Anyway about half way through the 1st quarter this dude pulls out one of those hand towels they give out at games that reads “Fear The Deer”. Now, this is when the Bucks were god awful, so I remember looking over and just laughing at this dude. Did I mention he was like a 60-year-old man too? Anyway, my point is that I never should’ve laughed at that guy. I’m sure he was plopped on his couch last night with his feet up screaming about how much of a little asshole that 14 years old was for disrespecting the Bucks. Meanwhile, his wife is telling him to shut up because she wants to go to bed.

Anyway, I have a lot of thoughts about the Celt’s performance last night, including the fact that Brad Stevens was out-coached which happens once in a blue moon. I hate when people say that you can’t tell when one coach out coaches another in basketball. Like in football it’s usually pretty obvious. But in basketball, it’s not as hard to see as people think. An example is turnovers. One thing I have noticed lately is the C’s get a little nervous from time to time and telegraph passes, or dribble out of control. Then Brad will call a timeout and they’ll go out and turn the ball over again. That is what frustrated me last night. Brad is definitely a proponent of iso-plays for certain players (Like Kyrie Irving, but he isn’t here). So it comes down to like Terry, Morris, Jaylen and Tatum for constant iso-plays. But sometimes the iso gets out of controls and it leads to turnovers. What I’d like to see is the Celts slow it down, run a play, and get an easy bucket down low, maybe Monroe or Horford. We didn’t see too much of that last night, just a lot of poor shot selections.

I’m definitely a little upset after that loss but I can’t say that I’m too mad or surprised. The Bucks came out hot just like I thought and the crowd pumped them up and they just never slowed down. The C’s could’ve played much better defensively but the real issue was the offense to start the game. When you come out flat like that, you put yourself in a hole and that was the Celt’s downfall. Hopefully, we can learn from this game and come back strong on Sunday and grab a win in Milwaukee. This next game is huge for the series and is going to set the tone when they head back to Boston.

Another big thing I noticed was that Milwaukee’s supporting cast came to play this time. In Game 1, Giannis came out and dropped 35, and then 30 in Game 2. On Friday Night, Giannis only dropped 19 while Khris Middleton came out hot with 23 pts 7 assists and 8 rebounds. Not to mention Drew…I mean Eric Bledsoe, and Jabari Parker both notching 17. This is interesting to me because I have noticed the Celtics seem to win more games when one guy takes over, rather than a whole team playing well offensively (This is why I’m not scared of Cleveland, who, by the way, are down 2-1, and if you’ve been paying attention, I called Pacers in 5). My best example is when we beat Golden State, (seems like a lifetime ago), KD dropped 24, Curry had freaking 9 points and Klay Thompson notched 13. One guy doesn’t win championships. I don’t care if it’s big, bad Lebron James.

Some good news is that Marcus Smart is “at least a week away” according to Brad Stevens. Based on the lack of motivation to ignite a comeback last night, the player who leads to the NBA in “combat muscles and grit” should help quite a bit. Marcus Smart has been the quarterback of the Celtics defense all season long, leading comeback after comeback with his relentless play style and leadership on the defensive side of the court. RE-SIGN HIM DANNY. Keep my man Moose too, dude is a walking double-double.

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Matthew Gentile is a 19-year-old Marketing major at Providence College who been an avid Boston sports fan his entire life. Growing up in North Reading, Massachusetts, about 20 minutes from Boston, Matt has been watching the Boston Celtics since the ‘07-’08 season. Matt fell in love with the Celtics and specifically Paul Pierce, one of his heroes. He watches just about every Boston Celtics game throughout the 82-game season and researches statistics and player information on the daily. He is also passionate about music, movies, writing and the New England Patriots. Matt enjoys playing basketball, old school video games and having a strong social life in his free time. Matt loves Boston as much as anyone.