Canned Wine & Cocktails Are So Haute


You think cans are only for beer? Scoff, scoff. How silly. The latest and haute-est trend in wine and booze culture is to can it.

“We’ve gone from the screw caps to the boxed wine to the juice boxes and this is really the next frontier,” said Allison Ackerman, account manager at Latitude Beverage Company and representative for Ninety Plus Cellars, producers of Lila Rose.

Ackerman noted that the cans are double-lined and will not affect the quality or taste of the wine. Plus, they will not disintegrate once placed in a cooler full of ice, like the juice boxes might.

“Ours is geared more towards millennials,” Ackerman said of Lila Rose, “and the activities where wine might be involved – beaches, boats, parks, barbecues – in a social and active lifestyle. And for women, they don’t want to drink beer necessarily, but they want the convenience. You can just throw it in a cooler.”

Here are a few options to pitch in your cooler for this coming Memorial Day weekend.

Lila Wines
4-packs are $15.99
Lila Wines are naturally gluten free, low in calories and carbs, and contain no added sugar. The rosé from Provence, France, a sauvignon blanc from Marlborough, New Zealand, and the pinot grigio from Delle Venezie IGT, Italy each come in 8.4 ounce (248.5 ml) aluminum cans that are coated with a custom lining developed to maintain the quality and characteristics of each wine. LilaRose

The Drop
4-packs are 21.00
Named for the surfing term “when you’re 100% in or you wipe out…the moment when everything is possible,” this California dry rosé is made with a crisp and refreshing blend of chenin blanc, zinfandel, syrah grapes. Each recyclable can contains 250 ml of wine. TheDrop

Underwood by Union Wine Co.
4-packs are $28.00
From the Oregon winery that spearheaded the “beerification of wine” and the “pinkies down” movement, these canned wines come in sparkling, pinot noir, rosé, and pinot gris varieties. Each recyclable can contains 375 ml of wine.Underwood

West Side Wine Co.
4-packs are $15.99
The single serving cans of California grown and produced chardonnay and cabernet sauvignon varieties ensure fresh wine for each “glass”. Each can filled with 250 ml of wine is, “portable, packable, and recyclable.” WestSideWine

Spiked Seltzer
12-variety-pack of 12 oz. cans is $15.99
If wine is not your thing, “imagine a drink that is low-carb, gluten-free, less filling than a beer, packs as much alcohol as a glass of wine, but leaves you refreshed. Sounds like a dream come true?” These sparkling alcoholic beverages from entrepreneurs Nick Shields and Dave Holmes come in West Indies Lime, Valencia Orange, Indian River Grapefruit, and Cape Cod Cranberry. SpikedSeltzer