DW Fridays Live

    The Men’s Room LIVE – Episode One

    The Men's Room LIVE Podcast debuted from The Greatest Bar on Friday, September 20, 2019 as hosts Kevin Cooney and Colin Begin took their...

    Replay: Live from The Greatest Bar

    We have a great lineup of shows broadcasting on Facebook Live and Livestream Friday night from The Greatest Bar in Boston.Check out the Friday...

    Dirty Water Weekend LIVE Presented by Jack Daniel’s

    Dirty Water Weekend LIVE for Friday, January 12, 2018 hosted by KISS 10's Mikey V and presented by Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey!

    Dirty Water Late Night LIVE on January 12, 2108

    Laugh late into the night with Dirty Water LIVE Late Night from The Greatest Bar with Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey and tonight's hosts Corey...

    Father Figures Nacho Eating Contest At The Greatest Bar

    Dirty Water Fridays at The Greatest Bar kicked off with a fun nacho eating contest with our friends from Allied Media, as we promoted...

    Dirty Water Weekend with Mikey V, Dave Russo & Lenny Clarke

    Dirty Water LIVE Host Mikey V, Boston Comedian Dave Russo and legendary comic Lenny Clarke prove that you can say pretty much anything...

    Dirty Water Late Night with Dave Russo, Lenny Clarke & More!

    Oh whatta night with Dirty Water TV host and Boston Comedian Dave Russo on Dirty Water Late Night LIVE from The Greatest Bar...

    Night Moves LIVE from The Greatest Bar Toasts New Year’s Eve Eve

    Night Moves Hosts Josh Steele and Tiara toast New Year's Eve Eve with musician Kyle Davis and a little Red Bull.

    The Right Now Report with Dave Russo

    Tune in to the Right Now Report from Dirty Water Media LIVE at The Greatest Bar every Friday night!

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